A couple of years ago I quit my job and began what was supposed to be a six week experiment with being a housewife before I started another job. But then the funniest thing happened, my husband and I discovered we both liked this new life we were living. We simplified and it gave us both time to enjoy ourselves. We had time to play on the weekends and didn’t worry about keeping up with Jones’ anymore. So we are going to keep on doing this as long as we can and as long as we are both happy with it.

I am a little different than the housewives you’ve seen depicted on TV. I conquer the tasks around the house and yard that would usually be reserved for the “Honey Do” List. I hate shopping (unless it is for a new recipe), I get manicures once every presidential term, and my tan comes from working out in the yard.

I completed my writing my second book not too long ago, it’s about Witchy Women and Suburbia. I am about to start a new Women’s Fiction book about music, heartbreak, and devotion.

We moved to the other side of the country a few years ago and are still  learning our way around and settling in to our new version of normal. We kept many of the things that made us happy like cooking from scratch and gardening, but now in a house with modern amenities like a dishwasher (though I still never use it). I’ll try my best to share all of the new experiences I have out here, but there are just so many sometimes that it’s hard to keep up.

I hope you enjoy, thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “About

    • The one is coming along and I have ideas for two others, but I have to be patient and finish one before I start the others.

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