First Full Table

It’s been a while, but I must say in my absence I have been having a lot of fun.  There’s a lot to catch up on so since we have just finished up a holiday weekend, I’ll start there.

The last couple of years we have had Poppy and Monte over for holidays.  We love hosting with friends and letting them in on a few family traditions as Honey & I make our new ones with them.  So this year Monte and Poppy brought over an extra guest, we didn’t mind she was nice and really didn’t eat too much of the food.  Of course I am referring to their six month old daughter, who technically was at last years tThanksgiving as well but this time we got to feed her turkey.  She was a delight, super cute, and the rest of guests adored her.  We also had a friend I knew from the farm Mordecai* and her fiancé Whistle. She moved here from the West Coast and it was her first holiday season in town.  Remembering how awkward holidays can be in a new town I was sure to invite her over as soon as Halloween had passed.  Apparently we spared both of them some major family drama.

Our Thanksgiving table was expanding for the first time and I was thrilled.  But it didn’t end there, two more friends joined in as well.  My eight person table that I got with the thought that someday it be would full, even though at the time we didn’t know anybody, finally reached capacity last Thursday.  It was a moment for both Honey and I, seeing the smiling faces around the table and knowing that we have a little Family of Friends here.  I should also point out that this is the first time everyone had met one another and everyone got along wonderfully. Even though everyone was different ages, martial statuses, and even different countries.  I joked we had a little United Nations Thanksgiving going.  Honey suggested I knit placemat flags of the countries for each of our guests.  I told him my skills were not developed enough for the ridges of the Canadian Maple leaf.  At least this year. 😉

Honey made the turkey, the deviled eggs, the gorgous sourdoughs pictured below, and for the first time I let him make cornbread stuffing from scratch.  I must admit that is was pretty yummy, it’s been one of my  holdouts of childhood nostalgia to have Stove Top.  The other one holdout I used to have was Log Cabin syrup over real Maple Syrup, but I shrugged that one off a few years ago.

I made scalloped potatoes, pumpkin pie and for the first time a pecan pie.  I also made cranberry sauce for the first time, which was ridiculously easy and got a few people out of their childhood traditions of using the fabulously canned cranberry sauce that still had the shape of said can when put onto the table.  I added some orange and allspice, it was great.

We also cracked open our latest brew, an ale that we call Sandy Claws Christmas Ale.  We brewed it in October, so it seemed appropriate.


I didn’t get many pictures during the evening, which to me is always a good sign that I was having fun and being there in the moment.  But sometimes I wish I would remember to at least take one or two.

After dinner we all stayed around the table and talked, which shocked me because I figured with the table being as full as it was we would scatter ourselves out into the kitchen and tv room.  But everyone sat around talking and laughing, so why stop it? At one point Whistle shared with us that he plays the Penny Whistle and if we’d like he would play us some songs.  He played three Irish ones that were so beautiful.  It was the first time that we had live music in the house and I couldn’t have asked for a better after dinner entertainer.  It was lovely, he’s welcome to all of our dinner parties from now on.  Haha.

The next day Honey went to work, I attempted to see the counters of our kitchen again (even with a dishwasher it was platters galore).  I was good and also went for a walk to work of that cornbread stuffing.  When Honey got home  we did a little patio time which included a bourbon and a cigar (for me).  We stayed in to avoid any Black Friday madness that might be going on and relaxed at home.  The weather was perfect and we stayed outside until the sun went down.

On Saturday we went to one of the Pop-up shops for Small Business Saturday near a brewery and got some local art and saw some friends. And since we were at a brewery had a glass or two of some seasonal beers along with some very yummy Food Truck dishes.

Then Yesterday I began taking down the Fall decorations and putting up the Christmas ones.  I have strict rules about that, no Christmas lights out when there is Turkey on the table in our house. =)

It was an amazing weekend full of some of the wonderful people we know.  I was thankful for the company, the incredible food we had, and the friendships developing.  Everyone told me they had a great time, so here’s hoping that we just started a new Thanksgiving tradition.




*all italicized names are the first time I am using their nicknames