Greetings from Zone 2… I mean 1

Hi again, sorry but last week I found that I was a little distracted.  I was running around doing the things I usually do, but I never found the way to my computer.  I was also doing some research for my book but not really writing.  I did at least finish my own Fall scarf with the knit two, purl two technique (yes I am a boring knitter). But now I’m back and I have things to talk about.

Two weekends ago Honey and I put in the Fall garden.

Fall Garden

No really, we put in around 40 plants. Doesn’t look it?

Fine, here’s this week’s progress…


We planted carrots, radishes, kale, three types of lettuce, collards, arugula, and peas. We also put some mums in pots.  Pretty soon all of the fall colors will be fading to browns and bare trees and I need some pops of colors. I am also putting in some more pansies because they seem to be the only thing that lives all year round here (unless the deer decide to have a midnight snack).

Potted Plants

I like the Fall garden because after a certain point it goes on auto-pilot.  Right now I have to water pretty regularly, but as time progresses the weather will cool down and not as much water will be needed.  With the weather this summer I had to water pretty much everyday (by hose).  It is also much more pleasant to water in the Fall as oppose to the summer.  The sun, the bugs, the heat, the sweating from just standing there…I don’t miss it.

Last week I also help put in seeds for the Farm’s Fall Garden. We put in the lettuces and kale, but also lots of root vegetables.  We also moved their greenhouse closer to the house so Viv can keep in a eye on the seedlings.  She was telling me about Zones in permaculture and how it translates to our everyday life.  Zone One is the path you walk all the time, kitchen, driveway, bathroom, bedroom the things that will get the most attention because you see it the most often.  The Greenhouse used be more in Zone 2 or 3, but now it is right next to the house and she’ll see it whenever she comes home.

This got me thinking about the Zones in my house.  Like I mentioned my office is the furthest room from the stairs and off in it’s little world down the hall, which is awesome but can also lead to neglect.  Because unless I have the intention to come in here it can be very easy to not to.  So I have decided to start keeping all of my teas in here, because in addition to it being knitting season it is also tea season.  It may be in Zone 2 of the house, but if you put your only method of caffeination in that room it immediately upgrades to a Zone 1 if not 0. 😉


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