Netflix Shawl…Patent Pending

It’s getting to be that time again…it’s knitting season!  Reading Shawl

A few weeks ago I woke up with a new knitting idea in my head, but it was only August. My brain must have been jumping the gun, but when I looked out to our backyard I saw that the maple tree had been dusted with with red leaves overnight.  My brain must now associate early Fall with essentially tying a million little knots in a row.

Despite having made a personalized scarf for almost everyone I know there is always more things to knit.  This year I have started off with a “Reading Shawl” for my mom, which is pretty much just a big scarf. I made one last year for my Mother-in-Law and I hope at some point it will cool down long enough for her to use it. I could have called it a “Netflix Shawl”, but it just doesn’t have the same imagery… But in the case of both ladies, I think it will be used for both reading and the occasional late night flick.

I grew up near the coast and during the winter I was always cold, so I wrapped a large blanket around me as I walked around the house.  It was terribly awkward, but wonderfully warm. Hopefully the Reading Shawl will provide the extra warmth and improved accessibility to such tasks as making that second cup of tea or finding the wayward remote.

I usually start my projects in September, working my way to the holidays and then maybe one last project in the new year.  It’s incredible the difference a few weeks make. Right now I am knitting at angles that keep the finished product off me, because it is way too warm to have wool on my legs.  In the next few weeks my knitted rows per hour (KPH) will increase exponentially because I will be trying to cover myself with my work.  Such was the case with Honey’s Christmas gift last year, after I hit the two foot mark the rest seem to form in only a week.

Knitting is one of those things that provides a lot of relaxation for me, but still scratches that urge to  be consistently productive.

Over the long weekend we went over to the farm and while the guys were making beer I taught, Viv, how to knit.  Well at least I thought I was going to, turns out someone had taught her how to do it when she was kid.  I showed her how to cast on and make the the first stitch and then her brain rebooted all of the things she had been taught.

In my experience, just doing a square patch on the first day takes incredible concentration and usually includes one or two mistakes.  She knitted the whole half ball of yarn I had brought in one sitting! I left the knitting needles that she had learned on because I knew she would be putting them to good use. I was right, now she is totally addicted-apparently she has been staying up late the last few nights knitting. It is only a matter of time before all of the goats have a winter scarf and the dogs festive sweaters.

I told her if this keeps up we are going to have to a Knit-ervention!  Haha (slow clap).  Yeah, I watched How I Met Your Mother last week.  Sorry.

But getting her interested in it really inspired me. I think I have to up my game a little, learn some new patterns, maybe make some new items, use all of the knitting books Honey got me for Christmas.  But first I have to finish the project I already started.  I hear knitters are  for having many projects going at once and hoarding yarn for potential projects.  I am trying my best to fight that urge, but there’s so many pretty colors!


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