Birthday Wishes

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish Red a very Happy Birthday.  Lucky for all of you this is not a video blog so you don’t get to hear my “fabulous” vocal stylings, but just imagine a somewhat decent voice is singing this (which I can tell by my cat’s annoyed face is not the reality).


Happy Birthday to Red!

Happy Birthday to Red!

Happy Birthday to an awesome lady…who always makes us laugh…recommends the best books…is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met…is a kick-ass Mom…gets me all verklempt…and who I force to try on dress-es!

Happy Birthday to You…

You Crazy Canuck!

Happy Birthday Red

So slight tangent…one of the strange (of many) things about me is I only like to have things around that have happy associations.  With my office I am extremely strict about this rule and only certain artwork and carefully selected items are allowed to be in here. So imagine my amusement in only realizing not too long ago that I have three little stuffed animals tucked into my bookcase, facing me every time I meditate, that are all from Red.  Not to mention the pencil holder/planter that sits on my desk and I stare at while I write.

ddlm planter

And of course all of the books on my bookshelves that she has introduced me to and all of the warm thoughts she has sent me over the years, still echo around in my mind.

So pretty much Red, you are the goodness in this life that I like to surround myself in and I know I am not alone in that thought.  You are an incredible person and I wish you the happiest of days and a most wonderful year!

And may your day also be filled not only with people who love you, but with at least two proper Coke and Ryes 😉


3 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Verklempt…..completely and utterly verklempt. I’m totally humbled to know who much I am involved in your inner sanctum. ❤ Thank you soo much! Best Birthday EVER

  2. I’m a bit late, but happy birthday. Sounds like we have the same vocal skills. We could be dangerous if we joined forces to sing happy birthday.

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