Tea Time

A few years ago when I wasn’t paying attention I became a tea person.  At first it was just a substitute for coffee, something that wouldn’t give me such a hard wake-up-jolt.  Then I started having a cup in the afternoon, something to sip on that would keep me out the naughty part of the pantry.  Then I started reading about the health benefits of Green Tea and I started drinking a cup of that like it was an everyday multivitamin.  When I considered starting to buy tea at Costco, I figured I couldn’t deny my love of tea anymore.

So obviously when I set out to make my office a place I could easily spend hours and hours in, I knew in some way it had to include tea.  My office is in the opposite corner of the house from the kitchen, so when I go to make another cup I can usually find one or eight other distractions along the way.  I can usually find a cute kitty that meows at me or rolls on its side so I can pet its stomach, there might be a laundry cycle finishing up that needs to be put away, and of course there is always the dishes staring at me as I wait for my kettle to boil.  It wasn’t helping with my attempts at a quick break, so I I tried to think of a non-fire hazard alternative that could work. I found one on Pinterest-because you know everything is on freaking Pinterest now.  It was under Ikea Hacks and it was a called a Råskog. It seems like it is one of the most versatile items in all of IKEA.  People use them in kitchens, bathrooms, kids rooms, on patios as cleaning stations, plant holders, bars, and even pet beds.  I figured I could use mine as a tea cart.

Tea Tray

And knitting project holder (which I could have really used this holiday season).

It works well because I can just fill up the pot before I begin to write and flip a switch whenever my cup needs a refill.  It has led to lower productivity in dish washing, but it has made it easier to write for longer periods of time, which I have enjoyed.

So what would you use a cart like that for?


4 thoughts on “Tea Time

  1. How have I not thought of this? My office is upstairs and I really hate the idea of burning a few extra calories. Heading to IKEA’s site now!

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