In the Details

It appears that I have been very bad in mastering the art of detailed memories.  This poor thing has virtual tumbleweeds running across the screen and I haven’t really been able to pinpoint why or find a good excuse.  Was it because I moved away from my familiar surroundings and questioned whether I should use it as a chance to reinvent myself?  Was it that I did so much purging of my life before the move I didn’t really know where I put my words?  Was it because the internet seemed to be a much scarier place last year than the years before? Or was it that I really didn’t feel like talking?

Who knows.

All I can say is that regardless of the reason (or reasons) why it made it so difficult to get to my Create New Post page-it’s a damn shame.  In this land I am in of new people and new experiences I have not recorded the moments like I should.  And now there will certain things that I won’t be able to remember that I forgot, as odd as that may seem.  And while I am proponent of not documenting every moment or meal or my proof I was somewhere, sometimes you have to share a little bit.  I think that lack of sharing made me lose a few people, and I don’t mean followers here.

We just hit our two year mark of living here; when we arrived it was such a blur of moving, packing, finding a house, exploring, and getting to a new stage of normal.  Everything felt so much more intense, the decisions were all big or were things that would be ingrained into our daily life.  Things like where we would live, what furniture did we need, where could I find the right ingredients, or good produce (Trader Joe’s produce sucks beyond belief here). Going to a new part of town was nerve-wracking because I didn’t get how the city was structured or how my Garmin could fail me when I needed it the most.  And of course there was always the feeling of having to hold it all back, if I dared said anything bad or about the frustrations I had.  I would get a healthy wallop of “I told you so” or “what did you expect moving there?” from the people in my hometown (and I am not just talking about friends).  But on the different side of the coin some people I spoke to were going through some rough things and I didn’t feel comfortable sharing all the good things I experienced, so I kept my mouth shut on a few things that maybe I should’t have. I’m working on it.

Okay so enough on that, on to some fun detailed memory making.

I don’t remember if ever mentioned but the bulk of my cousins live near us.  I have 9 total, and 4 live within a half hour’s drive and two more frequently visit from a little further down the road.  They didn’t grow up getting to hang out with their cousins like the California bunch did, so I thought I would make up for some lost time and host a movie night.  Something I had offered to do last July and never got around to planning.  But Christmas with everyone went really well and I figured i would add to my New Year’s resolutions.

So last Friday four of my cousins (including one who just happened to be in from out of town), one cousin’s spouse, and one cousin’s fiancé (sans my cousin) came to the house.  I filled everyone with a vast amount of junk food and we watched The Royal Tenenbaums.  Originally I had planned to do Moonrise Kingdom, but I wasn’t sure what their Wes Anderson experience was-Tenebaums is a good gateway movie.  They all loved the film and really enjoyed the evening, I even heard Super Woman’s husband even say that it was like a mini-vacation.  Which as a hostess, is such an awesome compliment to hear.   I like our home to be relaxing and welcoming to our guests.

Since there were eight people in house that all needed to see the screen and our usual configuration does not allow for it, I got to do my un-official favorite hobby of furniture rearranging.  We have a sectional that latches in the middle, so I did this:

Movie Night seating

A more accommodating movie theatre seating arrangement.  We were in talks of throwing out the couch and getting a smaller one, but the Movie Night bought it some more time if it gets to be a regular thing.

Everyone was relaxed with their sodas, beers, or whiskey laughing and enjoying themselves.  But just when they thought they couldn’t take any more sugar I gave them each a Chocolate de Pot Creme.  Yeah, I am making those things again.  It got rave reviews.

Chocolate Pot de Creme

After the movie ended and the ramekins of chilled chocolate were licked clean, a few people parted to relieve the babysitter but a few stayed and we watched Stranger than Fiction. This led to into an interesting eleven-pm-coffee-fueled discussion.

I liked entertaining my cousins.  I had picked up one, we’ll call him Shade earlier and for the first time since we were twelve we got to hang out together before everyone came over.  With a family that size usually most of the conversations are group discussions with very limited one on one time.  We exchanged views on writing, creativity, food, societal theories, and of course modern media.  We have many differences, but we respected each other’s opinion and shared ideas.  Perhaps it was that conversation that gave me a little more courage to come back here to share and push the publish button.


9 thoughts on “In the Details

  1. Love that you did push the publish – I love learning about your new city & life! Adventures are the best part of life and we all need some more. Excited for the next post and next kauwfee talk. 😉

  2. I’m glad you decided to write! I enjoyed reading this. Your evening with your cousins sounds like a wonderful time. I don’t have any cousins that I hang out with, but my kids do and I know they all have so much fun when they’re together.

    • Thank you Miriam! Happy to hear you enjoyed this. I was an only child for most of my life and one of my cousins was very close in location and in age to me growing up, so we had a semi-sibiling relationship. It’s great your kids get to hang out with their cousins, I feel it gives a different, broader feeling of family. =)

  3. I’m glad you decided to share. And I’m SO glad that movie night was a success!

    Try to not to be so hard on yourself and keep in mind that no one’s life is ever perfect all the time. It’s normal to experience rough patches and I don’t think anyone would say “I told you so” or “what did you expect moving there?” And if they did, I’d tell them where to stick it 😛

    • Thanks Joey, I’ll remember that the next time someone says something and I’ll tell them you agree with me 😉
      Heard your project started, so excited for you! I hope many an excellent stir-fry will be soon be completed in your beautiful kitchen. 🙂

      • We picked the granite this week. It was my favorite color (in our price range) but I also love the name; Uba Tuba!

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