Pisgah Forest

A few times this summer Honey and I have gone up to the mountains to get out our Hiking Ya-Ya’s.  The first time we went it was with friends and we didn’t have a map (never a good idea).  We got lost, though not terribly and ended up turning around eventually when the bike riders told us it was miles to the top of the hill, when it should only be a four mile round trip.  It was still gorgeous and we got to hike in an environment we never had before, namely green and with trees.  Most of our hiking has been in the dry, low bushes, and hot types of areas.  In Pisgah the trees cover us on most of the trail and there is water everywhere.


After the failed hike to the waterfall on the trail we got back on the road and went to Looking Glass Falls by car.  People swim in the pool underneath, but I had conveniently forgot my swimsuit.


And then we went to Sliding Rock, which made me regret not bringing my swimsuit.


But the next time Honey I went up we had a map and we were able to find the Twin Falls with my sister.


It’s hard to get a picture of the entire waterfall, you can’t really tell from this photo but the falls begin higher up than you think.

pisgahI call this area “Field of Ferns”julyhikets.