George R.R. Martin No Longer Haunts My Dreams

A few weeks ago I finished the first draft of my novel!  I know the battle is far from over, but the mere thought that there is actually a completed story (albeit full of typing and grammatical errors) is out of my head and on my recently backed up computer, is an unique feeling that I hope to repeat again and again.

The End, well sort-of

The End, well sort-of

I’ve read that it’s best to let the first draft rest for a while before you start editing.  I decided to wait a few weeks and let my husband read the first draft before I began digging back into it.  He was honest, though probably sugar coated it a bit.  He gave me some good feedback and some things to think about in my rewrites.  But the one thing I really wanted his opinion on was the ending.  Did he like it?  When he watches movies or reads a book he can enjoy the story to a point, but if he is unsatifisied with the ending the journey to it is completely ruined for him. Thankfully he liked the ending of my book. Phew!

Editing is a whole different game than writing.  When you write you can highlight and underline something that doesn’t feel right and tell yourself you’ll come back to it later.  In editing you actually have to find a way to fix it.  I think I’m going to need my own personal electric tea kettle to get through this step.

Besides checking Write A Novel off my list, I have been keeping busy with more house projects and visiting with friends.  We got a chance to go out to the coast a few weeks back and I met the Atlantic for the first time.  We went out there to see our friends Kudra and Porter, but more on that next time.  We’ve been seeing a lot of Poppy and Guac and now that they’re settled into their home we are having fun trading off hosting duties.  A local friend had a baby and I have been visiting her every so often.  Our garden is coming alive and we have enjoyed fresh greens for many meals.  Mustard leaves are great for you but be sure to keep a handkerchief nearby if you have a salad with that as the main green.  Spicy! But at least it cleared out the sinuses, which I need all the help I can get this time of year.