Balance & Over Prepping

For the last few weeks I have been keeping to myself.  Occasionally I would think of something fun to post, but either the timing or the inspiration fled by the time I got to the Add New Post page.  Maybe if I get in the habit again those posts will find their way to the publish button.  I’ve been doing good and on occasion great.  I have been focusing on the “novel” part while trying to balance with the “housewife” part. On the days I am at home and not running around with grocery shopping and errands, I try and split the day in two with part of it devoted to the house and other housewives things and the other part on the novel or other creative endeavors.  I have been able to pull this off a few times for the last few months, but you know things happen.  Like yesterday when I tried to replace the toilet seat in our bathroom, something that should be a ten minute task tuned into an hour and half battle that required six tools and many cleaning supplies.  By the time the new seat was installed (I won!) I was grimy and feeling an early Spring Cleaning itch.  Somewhere around four I gave up scrubbing and mopping and took a shower, but before I did I scrubbed the shower floor too.  Since yesterday ended up being completely devoted to housewife stuff I am trying to make today a mostly novel/creative stuff day.   I don’t know about you but I wrestle with trying to make time for not necessarily fun stuff, but stuff that soothes the soul.

The novel has been coming along pretty well, I have made more progress on it in the last few months than in the years before it.  It’s funny when time passes with a thought or idea, it evolves and reflects the changing of ideals that comes with that time.  Pretty much the book I started writing is not the one I am writing now, which I think is a good thing.  Of course other ideas for other stories have visited me in my dreams or popped in when I was least expecting it.  It is tempting to put my away the story that has been living in the tense muscles in my shoulders and move on to something  little lighter and fun, but I know that the story would always still be there ruining my posture and aching after a bad night’s sleep.  So I have been carefully trying to to coax it out and keep on moving forward. My light hearted story can wait.

Last week I was snowed in for the first time.  Yes, you heard me-in the South the city pretty much shuts down if there is more than two inches of snow.  Before we moved we looked up our cities weather averages, it had 4″ of snow expected annually.  Not too much, just enough to say “hey, look it’s snowing” but not enough to make you curse the winter.  I never looked up the final totals from last week but I would bet it around 6″ of snow and ice that fell in a 2-3 day period.  I saw how crazy grocery stores get before a snow storm, my usual empty 9 am store looked more like a 6:30 on a Thursday night.  I was sure that we had milk and bread (because that is apparently what you must have during a snow storm).  I got food that didn’t need refrigeration and ingredients for a pasta casserole that could feed us for days if we loss the use of our electric oven.  Snow Feb 2014

Honey worked from home the majority of the week, I wrote a little but not as much as I could of.  I had sealed up the extra bedrooms (including my office) to keep the heat concentrated in the main rooms and energy output down.  Not having my office space with a chair and desk to write at made writing awkward.  The couch would eat me and the cats would lay across my lap and onto my keyboard to keep warm. The scene outside was also very beautiful and I often found myself day dreaming while looking out the window.  It didn’t help matters that the newscasters were pretty much telling us power loss was eminent, so I was keeping every thing that needed a charge hooked into the wall while obsessively checking news and weather websites.  It was my first snow-in, cut me some slack.  I was worried about loosing power because then we would loose heat and I had heard of people being without electricity for days out here.  But we never did loose power, the pasta casserole I made fed Honey and I for three days, we never ran out of milk, and we didn’t even touch the bread.  After Honey was done with his work day we would walk around the neighborhood and play in the snow.  We stayed off the roads like the Governor and Mayor told us to and thankfully had an uneventful set of days.

We even tried to make the best of it by having a treat or two, hey we didn’t want the cheese to go bad if the power went out. 😉

By the way I think we gave Hitchcock the right name, he seems to do a cameo in every picture we take.