The 12 Stitch Program

It was my goal to knit a scarf for every East Coast family member by Christmas this year.  I am proud to say I achieved this goal and then some…

2013 Scarves

You might not be able to tell but there are 16 scarves there, several more were not pictured.  Two were in the mail, one in production, and three others had not been made when I took this picture on December 3rd.

As I knitted my way down the list of people out here (12+1/2) my quality improved and I became much faster.  I found myself getting towards the end of my list with practically all of December free and that just didn’t seem right.  So I added my parents and my sister, then a few friends, then my mother-in-law, then John asked for another, and I wanted another…so yeah, two dozen scarves later and I am wondering if I can fit in a few more before the last ship date before Christmas.  This is bad right?

I mean it’s not like I have a drawer just dedicated to holding yarn that I haven’t used yet…



Is there a 12 Stitch…I mean Step Program for this? They weren’t kidding when they said it was addictive, but thankfully for my hands and sanity were are  near the deadline and I can start giving more time to my other hobbies.  It has been fun, but let’s just say I’m not planning on making matching hats for everyone next year 😉


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