Real or Artificial?

You know how there is that list of things you and your partner should discuss before moving in together/getting married?  Things like do you think there should be a tv in the bedroom, who will do the dishes, etc.  I have found something to add (to whom it applies to) that has not been mentioned…Christmas tree, real or artificial?

All of my life I have been a real Christmas tree girl.  John had been a artificial tree guy when I met him and he already had one.  Our first year together, because I was so love and was willing to give it a go I said Sure, let’s use the artificial tree this year.  I was willing but not thrilled.  When the time came I was not so secretly ecstatic when John pulled the Christmas tree out of storage and found the box was covered in mildew, he had to throw it away.  That year and every year since we have a Real Christmas tree, until this year.  This year there were a few circumstances that pointed us to getting a fake one.

What it led to

While I complained at the time:

“My tree has instructions” ……”my tree has small hazardous pieces” …….”what do you mean I have to spend to hours making it look like a real tree before I can decorate it?”

I have found many advantages to this artificial tree.

First of all it came with lights, lights that with a push of a button go from solid white to fading in & out white to multicolor to fading in & out multicolor.  So no more keeping lights in storage and hoping that there are enough to cover this year’s tree. I can also change my mind about the color whenever I want.  We can have a tree out when we decorate the rest of the house instead of waiting until half way through the month so we don’t have a brown tree on Christmas.  If an ornament does’t fit right in the space on the tree you can just adjust the branches to fit it.  We don’t have to worry about water on the carpet or how it will break down and fit into the trash when we are done with it.

It’s true that it doesn’t have that “Christmas Tree Smell” and it’s not part of the ritual of the season to go pick out a tree, but maybe since we are in a place that has so many trees around I don’t feel like I have to have a (let’s be honest…dying) tree in the house.  If you think about it Real Christmas trees are kind of like “Fortnight At Bernie’s” what with the dressing up and playing with something that is withering away in front of you.   But there is something very special about going into a home with a “living” tree, it marks an occasion and a presence of time.  I have not fully converted to be an artificial tree enthusiast but I am willing to give a shot for the next few years.

And to be honest it doesn’t look half bad.


So out of curiosity which do you prefer? Real or Artificial Christmas trees?


9 thoughts on “Real or Artificial?

  1. I’m hoping to do the same thing my family did when I was growing up – real trees for when we were home and hosting but having an artificial tree when we’re making the trip to grandma’s house.
    But if you’re missing the scent of the tree, why not pick up a few boughs from the tree place – you’ll get the smell that is missing from the artificial tree. Merry Ho Ho!

    • That’s a good compromise. I have a feeling that we will never host out here, but you never know. I was thinking about getting a Real Wreath and putting it on the interior back door just to get some smell.

  2. I LOVE my fake tree. You can put it up whenever you feel like it and you don’t have to worry about it becoming a fire hazard. And Red beat me to the wreath suggestion for the smells.

    • I am starting to enjoy the benefits of it. We recently had move it to another room (to make way for a new item), I don’t think we could have done that if it was a real tree, there would have been branches, water, and sap everywhere instead of just residual glitter from the falling plastic ornaments.

  3. I prefer real ones, but we now have a fake one. However, Miles and Att knock it down all the time so we don’t put one up anymore. It became such a pain to put it back together each morning and then after work.

    Your tree looks great! I’ll live vicariously through you. Happy holidays!

      • Very limited decorations and we can never have plants or flowers inside. I’m okay with the flowers bit since I’m allergic, but it would be nice to have plants. that’s a no go though. It’s a very good thing that both of them are so cute.

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