My Body Seems to Reject Vanity

It has been quite chilly here the last few weeks, the humidity has gone down and the air is dry.  Combine that with the excessive knitting and the normal wear and tear I put on my hands and my paws are looking a bit rough.  I must admit it is not so much the look, but how much they hurt when I do my excessive knitting and touch any water hotter than lukewarm.  To combat this I decided to get some gloves to wear while I sleep, something to lock in the lotion I put on my hands.

I’ve tried this for weeks, unfortunately my hands have other plans.

Every morning when I wake up the gloves are on the floor.  It’s not like I find them twisted in the sheets in some accidental “oh they slipped off” kind of way, they are cast down onto the floor several feet away from the bed. I think in my sleep my body uses the fact my brain is otherwise occupied and strips them away and then throws them across the room.  On rare occasions one glove with survive the night on my hand but usually it’s only because a cat is sleeping on it. And yes I did instantly tell John I woke up as Michael Jackson (luckily he’s not a morning person and barely remembers this conversation).

My body just does not seem to jive with next level maintenance, but my brain is all on board so I am trying a new tactic… I am wearing the gloves while I type.  It makes navigating the mouse harder and the tyops are more frequent but hopefully I will only have have to do it a few times a week once my hands are better.

So how about you…does your body enjoy some extra pampering or does it throw a hissy fit?


3 thoughts on “My Body Seems to Reject Vanity

  1. What is this pampering of which you speak? 🙂 I recall a time when this was possible….body felt that pampering was it’s right!
    May I suggest the Almond hand and Nail cream from the Body Shop or Gold Bond Moisture Therapy cream if the royal hands are winter abused but if it is aches and pains, get a paraffin wax treatment – it really helps my mom when her hands ache.

    • Oh Red, you deserve some pampering! Moves are hard on their own, I can’t even imagine what it was like with the little one. Be sure to add a spa day or some other form of pampering to your Santa Wish List this year, I’m sure he’ll agree with me. 😉

  2. When I lived in the snow, my hands would get so dry that they would crack. It was super painful! One of the locals suggested Bag Balm. It’s an antiseptic ointment and it helps replenish the moisture too. I’d put it on before bed, and sometimes put gloves over it to keep it in. The cracks were usually gone within a day or two and my hands felt awesome afterward. Good luck!

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