Flannel seems to be a theme right now.  It first began with a candle at Bath & Bodyworks called Flannel.  It was only the beginning of September when we found it but I liked it so much I insisted we get then.  We already went through that one and another called Leaves, already I have bought a second Flannel candle and I don’t think it will last through November.  It smells so good…

FlannelA few weeks ago when the nights started to get cooler I picked up our first pair of flannel sheets.  Oddly enough Honey and I have both had flannel sheets at different parts of our lives but between the two purges we made of items with memories and things that just wouldn’t fit, both of our sets of flannels never made it to the beginning of our cohabitation.  I kept on putting off making up the bed with the new sheets. “Next week, if it gets cooler” I would tell him, but I just kept on cleaning the lighter sheets and putting them back on the bed.  The lows were only going in high 40s and I wanted us to acclimate to the change rather than forcing a fake heat.  Finally over the weekend fate (aka a hairball) gave me cause to change the sheets immediately.  I am really happy I did because last night we had our first snow of the season.

It was only a light snow, but it still got us excited.   When we moved here last January and were greeted a few weeks later with a good snow, we were warned by other residents that what we experienced was rare.  Some winters it doesn’t snow at all, but Honey and I hoped in the back of our minds that we would get to see snow again this year…and what do you know-we did and even unseasonably early.  Once again we were the only crazy people outside in the snow, with the exception of an idiotic, dark-clothed bicyclist.  It was nothing like the snow we had last February but it was comforting to know that we will get to experience at least little snow here from time to time.  The temperatures will be going back up into their Fall pleasantness tomorrow but in the mean time it is kind of fun to get bundled up.  While I was doing some errands this morning I realized it was the first time I had ever looked at Christmas cards in a coat and scarf.  It was good R&D for the knit scarves I have been making for family members.  I stayed nice a toasty and the darn thing didn’t fall apart (win!).

I know this may seem silly to those who grew up with defined seasons, but for me it is so amazing to see things that the calendar pictures I saw growing up depicted around me.  I just looked up the weather in our old town the last week has been in the 80s and 90s.  That seems warmer than I remember for this time of year, but the high 70s low 80s would not be considered unusual.  Here we will only get up into the mid 40s today, so we’ll be enjoying our various flannels tonight I’m sure.


4 thoughts on “Flannel

  1. I was born in Maine, and spent my summer there growing up, but lived in Florida for the rest of the year. I love living in places that have seasons- in Florida it goes from unbearably hot to not quite so hot. Very weird. We recently visited southern California for the first time, and while the weather was lovely, I still don’t think I’d be willing to give up a seasonal lifestyle. If anything, I miss the vivid seasons of New England now that we’re in Colorado. What I like is the anticipation of change, that when you get tired of something, you know that a new season is coming.

    • I am loving the seasonal lifestyle, it gives time a fluid movement that it didn’t have in San Diego. SoCal the weather pretty much has pleasant, really hot (at least at our house), and a few weeks of cold that sometimes can get into the 30s, but it’s mostly in the 40s. I hope you are a least getting a little bit of the fall colors in your new state. =)

  2. Flannel candle. Haven’t tried that one. having a hard time imaging the smell. I wish I could sleep on flannel sheets since I imagine they keep you warm. However, I can’t stand the feel of it.

    • The description says it is teak, bergamot, and musk. Surprisingly it is not too strong. I try to have more earthy smells around the house, florals just remind me of my Grandma’s guest bathroom. =P Sorry you don’t like the feeling of flannel, I’m sure a good cotton sheet will keep you warm too.

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