Happy Halloween!

Greeting Ghouls and Gals!  I hope you have a wonderful and safe Halloween!

It’s been fun, yet overwhelming to decorate this year on a new canvas.  I was at our last house for almost eight years and I was running out of new ideas to doll up the place for Halloween, but now I get to start fresh.  We waited until this weekend to decorate outside and I think I have unfortunately started a competition with our neighbor across the road.  They had a grave yard and some skull lights for weeks but once we put out our grave stones and orange lights, along with my Skeleton Three Tenors they started decorating more.  Now there are individual lights on the gravestones, cobwebs in the bushes, and a skeleton projector on the garage.  All within the last three days.  I stuck to my original decorating but I did bring the fog machine out of retirement to mist up our graveyard.  If I can manage it I’ll take pictures outside tonight (a neighbor informed me we will have over 100 trick-or-treaters)… but in the mean time here is what it’s been like inside.

Boris & Bela

With the way I cook I could have that poster up all year.

With the way I cook I could have that poster up all year.

My Spooky Corner

Halloween hallway

My Monster

Luckily he is still a sweetie.

Luckily he is still a sweetie.

My Little Monster

My Little Monster





Knitters Knit

I am not much of a hobby person.  Every once in a while I will dabble in painting, but it is usually because I have gone to a museum and have become inspired.  It occurred to me that since we will actually have ugly days that I will not want to go out into, that I should pick up a practical hobby to keep my hands and mind busy.  I picked knitting.  I began in mid-September with a book and while it helped me to a point I had to use YouTube a few times to figure out what the author was conveying in her step by step pictures.  YouTube, I am sad to say did help a lot and like many I have become a bit of an addict.  As the saying goes whenever I’ve been sitting, I’ve been knitting.  I even knit in the car when I drive in with John, only when I am the passenger of course.  I have tried and failed at a few projects but I have kept on going.  I still don’t like the way my purl looks but I have been keeping it simple because I have project and a deadline.

Since there are over a dozen relatives out here and Christmas is just around the corner, I figured I would knit a scarf for each of them.  So far I have completed almost of seven of them, with many having been pulled down to their last stitch because of an egregious mistake or awkward width. With practice, my mistakes have been less frequent. That number includes my first one which John claimed.

One of these days I will knit one for myself too.

I think I will make my Christmas deadline with time to spare so I might start knitting some more light weight scarves for the SoCal family too, if I don’t loose feeling in my hands by then.  I really enjoy knitting but unfortunately it has cut into the other past times I enjoy like reading and writing, but I am getting better.  I am not binge knitting all day and I have been starting to read at night again instead of getting a few more inches in before bedtime.  Oh my, that unintentionally sounded naughty.  Oops!

Of course occasionally I do question my sanity for picking up this hobby just a few weeks after adopting a kitten.  Every so often we have an incident but for the most part that cats are pretty well behaved considering the amount of yarn that’s been around.

Hitch & StitchMy problem is that they are more interested in chewing on the needles than running off with the yarn.  My cats are weird.

My grandma was in town recently and enjoyed watching me knit stitch to my heart’s content.   She also was a knitter, it used to be you knew you were a member of the family when Grandma knitted you an afghan.  She made close to 50 over the years.  Grandma was happy to see that at least one of her Baker’s Dozen grandkids was picking it up.  I will make her a scarf, even if I can’t get to everyone out on the West Coast.

It’s been fun choosing certain colors for certain people, with my limited knowledge of them.  I have started a new thing where I walk to my nearest yarn store and pick up only one ball at a time.  It is a three mile round trip walk so I figure it counteracts the time I will be sitting on my ass knitting with the thing.  So far this process has slowed me down a bit, but I don’t feel like such a slug so I am going to keep on doing it.  I’ll let you know about my progress and of course show you the pile of finished scarves when I’m done.