Nightly Entertainment

For the last few nights nature has been putting on a bit of show for us.  The night before the last we had a storm with rolling thunder, pouring rain, and lightning.  It did cause some flooding in town, but thankfully according to the news no one was hurt.  The sight was was incredible, the clouds reflected the lightning and bounced around the sky almost constantly.  We turned off the lights in the house (and unplugged the valuables) and just sat and watched the illuminated night sky.  I know for people who have actually grown up with this being the typical spring/summer scenario might find this boring-but we are still very much in awe of of actual weather.

Yesterday the rain came again in the early evening, it was a small storm that delayed an errand or two but mostly just made the hot black asphalt steam after a long hot day.  Once it got dark we heard the typical evening chorus of frogs erupt with a new enthusiasm.  They went on for hours in the creek bed in our yard and even got the toad to sound a bit more perky.  We are not experiencing the cicadas down here, but we are still getting a earful from the local creatures about their happiness of summer evenings.

For a few days now Honey has been watching the yard just after dusk (which is about 9 pm here) to get a glimpse of a lightning bug.  I saw them when I was a kid and visited my relatives in the midwest, but he had never seen one.  Until last night.  We saw one during the frog chorus, it hung around in our yard and even came up to our back porch window.   It was brighter than he expected, he thought they would be a more dull light, like a 35 watt bulb- but ours was more like a 75 watt that flickered on and off.  Since it had been over 20 years since I saw one, I was excited to see it too.



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