Novel Housewife Tips

Once a week I am going to post up a “tip”.  Some might be practical, others amusing, and some just because it needs to be said.  Hope you enjoy.

This Weeks’ Tip:

Keep the chicken contamination at bay by choosing and labeling a brush, cutting board, one pair of scissors, etc. with “Chicken” and only use that tool when working with chicken.  This is extremely helpful with kitchens that have more than one cook.  It ensures that the scissors you use to open chicken pouches will not used to cut your herbs.  I just used a piece of paper and scotch tape, it took less than a minute.

chicken label


2 thoughts on “Novel Housewife Tips

  1. This is a good tip since I’m prone to food poisoning. However, I know my better half will ignore the label. Trust me, it drives me batty.

    • Oh-no! =) Maybe your better half would do better with exclusive location rules? I keep my chicken scissors in the knife drawer so I am not tempted to use them on anything else.

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