NH Tip for the Cat Owners

We all know that all too familiar sound or God forbid the feel of cat litter on the floor.  You can get one of those rugs that they have at pet stores or even at Target, but those things can run you $20+ and they usually are not 100% effective.   I found that getting a small roll of grip shelf liner ($4.99 role is enough for two) to put underneath the cat box works just as well and is easily disposal if a real mess occurs.  The little holes keep most of the litter from escaping, the cat usually wipes off the extra litter on it, and you can just lift it up and sweep underneath to clean up.

cat mat


“Feed Me!”

After a couple of months of hiatus my husband has started making bread again!  There have been a few dishes that I have made since the move that has filled the house with smells that remind us of “home”, but none could compare to the smell of baking bread.  I love it when he makes bread; it makes the house smell good, he enjoys it, and it saves me from buying the bread with the nasty preservatives.  He usually makes whole wheat bread but now he would like to expand his horizons.

A few weeks ago hef asked if I would mind if he did a sourdough starter.  Sure! I said-who doesn’t like more bread?  And sourdough…mmm…good.  He said it would take a while.  Huh?  He explained that it takes like a week to get a sourdough starter going and you have to feed it.  Feed it?  Like Feed Me, Seymour!  Great, I already have Bailey that nibbles on my fingers and I suspect would be one of those cats that eats its owner if I was a heavier sleeper.

I said yes, but explained that he was responsible for feeding it and cleaning up after it. And if it needed a walk a one am in the freezing rain he would have to do it. =)

So here is our little sourdough starter in between meals.  I asked him if we could name it, he said if it made it to Sunday-maybe.


Novel Housewife Tips

Once a week I am going to post up a “tip”.  Some might be practical, others amusing, and some just because it needs to be said.  Hope you enjoy.

This Weeks’ Tip:

Keep the chicken contamination at bay by choosing and labeling a brush, cutting board, one pair of scissors, etc. with “Chicken” and only use that tool when working with chicken.  This is extremely helpful with kitchens that have more than one cook.  It ensures that the scissors you use to open chicken pouches will not used to cut your herbs.  I just used a piece of paper and scotch tape, it took less than a minute.

chicken label

The Birds and The Bees (& other insects)

Still enjoying Spring , it seems to have been going on for a while.  I am used to “spring” in East San Diego being a two to three week period in March, you know the calm before the 100 degree days.  But here it is gradual and things don’t all bloom in unison so from week to week the streets look different.  The trees are now overflowing with leaves and most streets have this blanket of shade,  the house is practically dark during the day from all of the trees completely filling in.  My hope is that is the summer I will be very thankful for those shady trees, but in the meantime I realized we need more lamps.  It’s gorgous.


With Spring comes the awakening and birth of all kinds of creatures, good and bad.   Though it has not been the bug infested nightmare that I was warned of, we have had a few minor incidents.  First of all there is a bird, an American Robin to be exact who has been messing with us since we first got here.  At first it was only a little crap here or there on the driver’s side door, little petite craps…ones that could be cleaned up with a small damp towel.  But as the Spring has gone on and his or her diet has improved the craps have become a little more troublesome and frequent.  I think that they now qualify as shits.  Most mornings we awake to this:

bird crap

On both the driver and front passenger doors and usually there is one on the side mirrors too.

At first we thought it was a location thing.  We were the new ones and didn’t want to impose on anyone’s turf so we started parking on different parts of the driveway, it didn’t help.  So very much like the ice scrapping Honey had to do daily during the winter, for the Spring he gets out the hose, puts it on the Jet setting and sprays down his car.  If times permits I try to do it while he gets ready for work.  We have to time it perfectly you see, because if I do it too early the bird will actually come back and shit on it again.  Our neighbors must think we are the most anal-rentenitive people, because I’m sure it looks like we are washing the car every morning (sometimes twice) with the hose, squeegee, and wash mitten.  No one else seems to have this problem on our street, the Robin likes just our car.  Yay.

When it started warming up we began sitting out on the back deck, usually with a cocktail.  It was relaxing at first until we heard the buzzing and then saw its source…some big ole carpenter bees.  I was not able to get a picture of one, what with trying to curl up into a fetal position and think of a happy place so my body did not smell of fear! =) But you can google the image if you are not familiar.  I am not allergic to bees, but this was one big ass bee and I figured it would win in a battle of the wills.

It got up right up in our faces, at eye level with what looked like a yellow clown nose-very Gacy-like.  We told him he won and went inside.  Luckily for us we had encountered a male and he is all buzz and no bite (they don’t have stingers) but we found out he and the Mrs. had made a little nest in the frame of the utility door and in valance over the front door.  We told the property manager and someone came out a few days later and took of them and a few spots where we saw carpenter ants.  Carpenter bees and ants do not help you finally build that addition you always dreamed of, they eat up your house (in this case wood siding) to make their nests.

I have trie to live harmoniously with bugs.  I’m the type that escorts non-poisonous spiders and beetles to the garden, if a bee (of average size) buzzes me I back off.  But here, it’s a little different.  The ground is so alive here with creatures (it’s no wonder our Robin is getting so “regular”) and sometimes they find their way in.  Centipedes, millipedes, slugs, various flying beetles, or creatures that I just don’t recognize.  I think that is a cricket, I just don’t know anymore, there are so many.?bug

I’m sure there is an app for that, but in the mean time I have been a very apologetic bug killer.  Except for with the ants, I’m merciless with those guys.