Brewery Crawl

There was a mirror on the ceiling…Oh my!

Over the weekend we celebrated Apple’s birthday by doing a brewery tour around town via limo.With the size of the group it was a cheaper DD than if we had all taken cabs.  The limo picked us up at Apple and Jazz’s place and since they live across the street that meant Honey and I didn’t have to pull straws about who the designated driver was.  Yippee! We were a group of 14 in a 14 person limo, so we got to know the other passengers quickly.  I only knew two other people besides our hosts prior to Saturday, but everyone there was really nice and welcoming.  We definitely got drunk after three breweries but no one was out of control or “that guy”.  We were all a little older, I think the youngest person there was 28, and instead of warming up at Jazz and Apple’s we all drank water and had crackers and fruit.

We began at Green Flash Brewing, we had been there once before but I had been driving that night so I only had a sip or two.  It is a really nice place for tasting, they have a large tasting room so you are not on top of one another.  They usually have at least two food trucks outside near their patio area and you are allowed to bring children of weekday evenings.  I had their Hop Head Red, good but as you can imagine hoppy and then Honey and I shared a glass of their Barely Wine Style Ale. It’s a 10.9% alcohol by volume ale so we were feeling pretty good by the time we went onto the next place.  Apple had also shared a delicious bottle of Tripel with the group on the way over.

The next place we went to was Rough Draft Brewing.  Once again I had been there before, but I was driving so I only had a few sips off of Honey’s beer.  This time I got to have a Belgium Blonde all to myself. =) It’s the name of a beer you pervs, it’s now one of my favorites.  Since I was too busy gabbing with the other ladies I barely got through that beer when it was time to go.  The other ladies were all moms of babies and toddlers, and while they talked about their kids it was not a “Cult of Mom”* conversation.  We also talked about hair, makeup, and our very human husbands.

After Rough Draft we headed to another brewery called Societe.  The servers were very nice there but I would have liked to see a little more description of the beers on the menu.  I had the Harlot which I enjoyed, it just opened a few months ago so it wasn’t as packed as the two previous places but then… a limo bus showed up.  We had seen them before at Green Flash and though we had the limo thing in common our group dynamic similarities ended there. I’ll put it this way: when I was in the bathroom washing my hands I had to hold up one of the girls from the bus party because she almost fell down opening the door.

Not that we were complete saints.  Our group’s drunken antics included some crowd surfing in the limo, leaving each brewery double fisted with full growlers, making a crude gesture to other drivers (yes that was me and no I didn’t flip off anyone 😉 ), and getting in some pretty awesome conversations.  Throughout the afternoon I found myself in conversations about philosophy, religion, social politics, and technology and everyone was listening to everyone else.  Many times I keep my opinions to myself on such matters so that I don’t accidentally offend anyone.  What can I say- I want everyone to like me, even the people that I myself don’t like.  But this particular group was awesome and I felt safe saying the things I did.  It was very invigorating for my mind and for my heart.

After the limo dropped us off most of the group hung out at Jazz and Apple’s for hours.  We kept talking and playing games,  Honey even tried a puff of a cigar. It was so much fun and a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.

*The Cult of Mom is term I came up for describing women who think that having children is the only reason for living,  the only topic of conversation acceptable, and the only way you can define yourself as a woman.  I call them a cult because if you mention that you do not plan to have children (because they always ask) they assure you that in fact “you will change your mind”, even though they have only been talking to you for three minutes.  Then I believe there are “The Women Who Happen to be Moms”, meaning that they mention their kids in conversation but their identity in social situations extends past their children.  I am friends with the latter.


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