I Be Jammin’

This week I made Strawberry Jam for the first time, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  Grandma B used to make Strawberry Jam for everyone in the family from her own strawberry plants, even as a seven year old I found it far superior to Knott’s version.  When we would go up to her house I always hoped a jar of it would be included in the pile of leftovers that she insisted we take, right next to the left over cheesecake of course.  The recipe I used produced two mason jars of the stuff, luckily we just tasted it and we liked it.  I will post up the recipe when I perfect it, the one I used called for a lot of sugar and I am going to see if I can cut the quantity safely.  I can’t wait until I we run out of the store bought peanut butter so I can make Alton Brown’s version. Then our PB& J sandwiches with be made of homemade toppings on our homemade bread.

A few weeks ago we decided it was time to make some changes in what we eat, it had been a path we had been heading down for a while.  With growing our own vegetables we began tasting the difference, then really looking at the other foods we ate that had ingredients we couldn’t pronounce or even draw the cellular structure to made us want to take the next step in our food preparation. I wanted to start making our own stuff like the peanut butter, mayonnaise, ketchup, stock, and salad dressing.  It has been a gradual process because I don’t want to waste food by throwing anything out so we have been slowly working on consuming the  store version of these things.  I know it is a common phrase but we are trying to eliminate the processed foods in our diet.  Don’t get me wrong, I love junk food we will still have desserts, chocolate, and sugar in our lives but on our own terms.   I just feel there is a difference between picking a coke and knowing it has nasty stuff in it, then having “healthy” wheat bread with your sandwich and finding it has more chemicals than a High School Chem Lab and high fructose corn syrup to boot just to preserve it for transport.

For the last couple of weeks we have been making our own bread and eating whole foods and vegetables.  We started the fall garden and we hope to even be less dependent on grocery stores by next Spring.


2 thoughts on “I Be Jammin’

  1. hydrogen peroxide and baking soda really helps dirty grout lines–even in the shower? I’ll have to remember that.

    We’ve been trying to eat more natural foods as well. We can’t grow much on our balcony, but we like to go to farmers markets for our fresh produce. I just feel better when I eat foods I’m supposed to eat.

  2. I have only tried it in the kitchen, but I don’t see why it would work. Wet the surface, put baking soda on the grout, let sit for ten minutes, then using an old toothbrush dip it in bottle of hydrogen peroxide and scrub the grout.

    Love farmer’s market, makes me feel good health wise and community wise.

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