Fan Girl Part I

Yesterday I had a wonderful excuse to get out of the house… Mrs. Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess was in San Diego for her book tour.  Like many people I heard about her blog after a post she put up about presenting her husband with a 6′ Metal Chicken that she bought while shopping with a friend.  She bought the chicken and brought it home because her husband said she could not buy anymore towels, well she didn’t.  She is a very entertaining writer so I kept on going back to her blog and before I knew it I was hooked.   In April her book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir), it has been on the NY Times Best Sellers List for 16 weeks.  I read it in maybe 4 sittings and  I laughed so hard I stopped breathing on several occasions.  Honey had never heard me laugh like that from a book so he picked it up after me and also laughed like crazy.   Now he checks in on her blog more frequently than I do!  Which  I told Mrs. Lawson while she signed my book last night.  She said, “Keep him.”

She was signing books at a bookstore about 15 miles away from me, I had no idea what to expect as far as crowds because first of all it has been 22 years since I went to a book signing (that one was for Ann M. Martin), second it seems like most of my friends have heard of her-but how about the rest of San Diego?  The signing was at 7, so I showed up around 4:45 (to be honest I also used it as an excuse to get out of the damn heat).  I could see they had cleared a space for her (ironically in the kids section) but there wasn’t a line or chairs set up yet.  Though I noticed as I walked around the bookstore (soaking up the AC and waiting for Octana to get off work) there were a few middle aged women slowly wandering around the store not really looking at a specific section or book, just kind-of strolling around.  Since I was doing the same thing I knew what they were there for. =)

When Octana arrived we went over to Islands and had a Mai Thai and appetizers for about 40 minutes.  When we got back the chairs had been set up and were fully occupied along with a standing crowd and a sitting on the floor crowd.  I joined in with the sitting crowd and pretty much had front row seats.  As I sat on the floor with a varied crowd of other women, feeling my feet fall asleep one of the coordinators said to a few of us that he had not seen that many people there for a signing since Ozzy Osborne.  Crazy, huh?

The pictures I took did not come out well due to my angle and since I hate it when people put up pictures like that of me, I will not post them.

But here is my signed book =)

I haven’t been the type of person who tries to meet the people I’ve seen in movies, heard on the radio, or read in books.  I thought being a fan of someone and showing that fandom (in the appropriate context) to them was an annoyance to the artist.  That somehow the fans were the worst part of what they were doing.  And while some fans are absolutely that (for example: stalkers), I am coming to realize that fans can bring happiness to the artist.

I went to the book signing to show my appreciation of her work and tell her even if she has heard it a million times that I loved it.  Because I don’t think you can hear that enough.  Next I will be writing my first fan letter, not to her but to another artist who was appreciated in some circles for decades but not “well” known until recently.  In fact many people still have never heard of him which sucks because he has influenced so many artists that everyone does know.  But that story is for another post.


One thought on “Fan Girl Part I

  1. Ozzy Osborne can actually sign his name? That’s pretty cool. I haven’t heard of her, but she sounds like a hoot. I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m talking like my grandma today.

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