Mad Melly’s Mar”T”ini Party

For my birthday party this year I decided use a theme, I wanted to invest some time and make something a little different than our usual summer BBQ.  Since it was my 30th and in a sense the end of childish things (yeah right) I chose an element from Alice in Wonderland, I had a Mar”T”ini Party and I was the Mad Hatter or rather The Mad Melly.  Melly was a nickname I was given by my former boss and eventual friend, it is my favorite my eight other nicknames.

I began by sending out handmade invitations, instead of the usual evite.  I sent the invitations with a response card made from an old set of playing cards.  I wanted to send out cards in the mail because with email and text messages how often do we get something besides a bill or junk mail in our mail boxes?  Hopefully it made someone smile a little bit, it made me smile seeing the response envelopes in my mailbox.

The envelopes

The Invites

I have always loved the images of Alice in Wonderland in all kinds of incantations of the films and in books.  My idea was to have the fun stuff of Wonderland in a nighttime setting, like this is what all of the grownup characters did after Alice went home.  I decided to have be a cocktail party so Honey wouldn’t be chained to the grill but then he volunteered to be the bartender, so he was chained to the makeshift bar made of an old computer desk.  There were some minor hitches (light cord being cut, malfunctioning fake eyelashes, and the painters next door working after 5 for the first time all week) but overall I think it went really well.  Every conversation seem to have boisterous laughter every couple of minutes.

I had a wonderful time, I got to see (most of) my favorite people in one setting.  With Birdie making my birthday pie (a delicious mud pie from a family recipe), Kudra having me over for pre-party helping of “happy bubbles” , and Azure helping with set up, I felt very loved.

I did make a Mad Hatter Hat (of sorts) out of a strand of peacock feathers Birdie gave me a while back.  I wore it again for breakfast at home on my actual birthday and it now has a temporary home on my Buddha statue in my office.

I plan that when I become a crazy old lady, I will wear it while I water the garden-like Boris Karloff did.

We decided to make a few signature cocktails to add to the fun.  The “Mad Melly Martini” is actually a version of a French Martini-it was requested often.  The “Dirty White Rabbit Martini” is the martini we have most often (being big garlic fans).  The Red Queen Lemon Drop is something to try, the pear vodka cuts the bitterness in a Lemon Drop and makes it go down nice and smooth, I borrowed it from a very Lovely Lady.

But I am a shocked we had so much liquor left over, we have four bottles of vodka and half a bottle of gin left-enough to have at least three more martini parties!  I guess we’ll just have to have people over more often.  =)

These are the leftovers

I didn’t take many pictures during the actual party because I was too busy having fun but here are some of the decorations, many of them I made myself.  I made “Drink Me” labels and “Eat Me” labels (which I forgot to put out), direction signs, oddly painted bird houses, pictures of victorian animals, and of course christmas lights all over the backyard.

Thank You for coming friends!


4 thoughts on “Mad Melly’s Mar”T”ini Party

  1. I knew it had to have been a wonderful gala! 🙂 So now just one final wish – may all your un-birthdays be just as fabulous!

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