The Evolution of Our Planter Box

A while back Honey made me a planter for the patio to my flowers, unfortunately some adaptations we made to the design he had found online made it structurally unsound. For example when our six pound cat Rocco jumped into it (it did look a bit like a cradle at this point) it rocked like a Del Mar Fair ride.  Considering that we were going to be filling this thing with more that six pounds of dirt, plants, and water-we knew some changes needed to be made.

Originally Honey thought he was going to have to pull it apart and start all over, but I suggested (being half penny pincher and half protective over my painted work) that he saw off the legs and build a table underneath to support the structure.  He did and it worked!  In fact it took two of us to move it so I think it can hold a some dirt and flowers.  So here is the finished product:

Now we’re off to go make some more for the back yard. =)


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