Leftover Bliss

I have a love/meh relationship with leftovers.  I love that we are not wasting food and that you get to enjoy a (hopefully) good meal a second time, but usually for me it is not the same experience as the original meal.  I must admit I am not very inventive with my leftovers, I don’t repurpose them I just present the meal in the same manner as before, though it usually colder and somewhat boring because you just had it the night before; but last night Honey and I created together a dinner from leftovers that rivaled the original meal.  On Sunday I roasted a whole chicken with lemon and rosemary (thyme is better).  Since it was just us for dinner there was a lot of chicken left, usually I just heat it up or eat it cold the next day but it is always kind of meh.

Not anymore.

Using our recently harvested produce of tomatoes and peppers we made a Leftover Bliss meal.  Honey made pico de gallo and I sautéed  some onions and garlic, then I juiced a lemon and splashed the leftover chicken with it.  Then I put a little salt, pepper, chipotle powder, and garlic powder on the chicken as it absorbed the lemon.  Once the onions and garlic  began cooking I added the seasoned chicken and stirred until the chicken was warm.  After a few minutes I put the chicken in some tortillas, threw a little cheese over the chicken and topped it with the pico de gallo.  Oh my Gods.  So freaking good! I wanted more but I was full and we were out of chicken =( It was citrusy and light, but flavorful and filling.  It makes me want to make another chicken this Sunday or at least start planning to use my leftovers in new ways.


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