The Novel & The Housewife

The Novel

On Monday and Tuesday I wrote for a few hours and added 4,000 words (not including the ones that I found were pointless and then deleted) to my book, taking me to just about 19,000 words total. If I follow my outline perfectly I have just over a third of it done.  Though sometimes while I am writing I find myself moving pass my outline, not throwing it into the wind but finding a different path to get me to my main plot points.

Sometimes when I am about to write I look up famous quotes on writing, just to pump me up before I jump in.  This is also known as procastination, another element of the creative process.  Yesterday I found this one by Ray Bradbury (odd coincidence, that it was yesterday. Rest in Peace Mr. Bradbury) that caused me to stop writing for the day and ponder over it and my main heroine.

Find out what your hero wants, then just follow him!

I believe that is true, even I’ve noticed in my very limited experience that characters sometimes assert their personalities in a way, that make you think- what, I can’t make my character do that, they would never do that!  Even though that was what you had planned for them to do.  I’m not cracking up, I swear. 😛  So Mr. Bradbury got me thinking.  I know the story I want to tell, but in the end what does Angie want?  Her idea of happiness? Forgiveness? Love? Cures to incurable diseases?  Just to sleep in her own bed?  I think I have a better idea now, but I’m still working on it, or rather she hasn’t led me there quite yet.

I hope to get at least another 2,500 down by the weekend.  My problem is that I prefer to write in the morning, but that is the time of day that I want to do everything else.  I want to do yard work first thing in the morning to avoid the heat, I want to hit the shops earlier so they won’t be as crowded, I want to do all of the chores by noon, and I want to exercise first thing in the morning  (also to avoid the heat).  There are only so many hours in the morning, so that means everything has to have their turn.  I have made some compromises and set up a pretty good schedule for the days I write.

Also in proper writing fashion I have been reading a lot, nothing too heavy  just books that sound appealing.  After the first few I decided to read the first novels of writers I liked.  I started with Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jennifer Lawson, then Shopgirl by Steve Martin, then a book that I bought for $.99 on Amazon-that I didn’t like so I won’t name it, then Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn.  I found the last book to be quite good, I like the way she tells a story and the images she gives you.  I had read the reviews that made me think it was going to be on the level of “Se7en” for its creepiness,  but either people exaggerated or I am just that desensitized.  It was creepy and provocative at times, but it didn’t give me nightmares or have me pondering the meaning for days.  That book contributed to my desire to keep on avoiding 50 Shades of Grey.  I hear it is “scandelous” and “explicitly erotic” and I fear that if I were to pick it up, that I would say “oh, how cute” and then feel like a freaking perv because I did not blush or feel faint when I read it.  I guess this is what comes from not living in the little bubble I was told to live in.

The Housewife

Since school ended I have been able to devote more time to the house and being all housewifey again.  In addition to the writing I have also caught up with the laundry, ironing, and the overall cleanliness level of the house.  It was never truly out of control, but I always felt I was just barely staying on top of it rather than keeping to the schedule.  And of course it’s warmer now so I have the ceiling fans on most days, which inevitably sends a tumbleweed of cat hair down the hallway right as John walks in the door. Housewife fail. (Really though, I don’t think he cares) =)

Last week I attacked the yard and got it back into shape.  I only have one more palm to dispense with and it is a big one, it will take several battles to win and I might loose some, but in the end I will win the war.  The vegetables are doing pretty well.  The bean bushes are sprouting, the cucumbers are starting to climb the twine lines, the tomatoes are threatening to ripen all at once, and the pumpkins are about to burst out of the protective chicken wire cage I made them when they were just seedlings.  Oh, they grow up so fast. The pictures of the planter box are going to have to wait, we need to make some adjustments so it will hold the six cubic feet of soil we want it to.

As for the food, I must admit I have been resting on my laurels when it comes to my meal planning.  I need to start trying some new recipes and ingredients, especially now that it is pretty much summer around here.  All new things are in season now.  I picked up a Costco sized amount of charcoal in preparation for the occasional outdoor meal, now I just need to pick up some grill worthy meat.

And finally I put a finishing touch on the patio, yes I am obsessed with that color of blue.


3 thoughts on “The Novel & The Housewife

  1. Great news on the novel progress. I also struggle finding a schedule that is conducive to my writing. It is so hard to set a schedule since you never know what life will throw at you. And now you have me curious about 50 Shades of Grey…

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