Friends and Flowers

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

We spent it gardening and visiting with friends.  On Saturday we had planned to go to MOPA to see the Jazz Loft exhibit, which would have been a nice ending to my History of Photography class that wrapped up last Tuesday.  But we woke up on Saturday with a lack of ambition for getting out of bed.  Eventually though, we made it out to the garden and then in typical fashion to a home improvement store.  We had a time limit, so we couldn’t go too crazy in our planning but we picked up supplies for our upcoming projects.

Later in the evening we went up to Encinitas to celebrate Azure’s birthday.  The conversation was good and the company wonderful, the food was a little bland though (and no, I’m not naming names).  I didn’t plan well with my wardrobe, I wore a dress which left me a little too cold to go exploring on Highway 101, maybe next time.

The next day we headed out to Lowe’s again, this time to get plants for the lower yard and lumber for a planter box.  While I dug holes for our new plants, Honey made me the box.  I realized it was the first time that a guy had ever built anything for me 🙂 (with the exception of the Barbie Dream House my Dad constructed for me when I was 7) but it made me feel very special.  When I paint it and fill it with flowers I will take a picture.   Though I enjoyed the progress we made on the house I am insisting that next weekend we relax.  Now that I don’t have school or any other daily hindrance, I can take care of the house and have him just enjoy it for a while.  Also the garden in now full of sprouting seeds and vegetables, so he is relieved of yard work duty for a few weekends.

Yesterday we headed over to Birdie’s for a small Housewarming Party.  They have moved their furniture in and the place is really starting to become theirs, pretty incredible after just a few weeks.  Of course like all first gatherings their house had to give them some hell by having plumbing issues first thing in the morning.  We had a power outage and a swarm of bees  for our first house party together; houses are like pets-they just seem to know when people are coming over.

When they moved in I was told there would be pool parties, so I picked up a new suit a few weeks ago.  I didn’t really know the people there, which added to my apprehension of being seen in a bathing suit.  Honey got in after we ate, but I debated for a while.  I had heard some of the people (that I didn’t know) talking about the imperfections on each other, I could only imagine what they were thinking about me.  But I figured, why let strangers ruin my fun?  It had been my first time in the water since my Dad’s birthday last year.  I love the water; the calmness, the coolness, and the suspension of time it seems to bring me.  I had a great time and I’m glad got over my bathing suit anxiety (at least this time) ;-).


2 thoughts on “Friends and Flowers

  1. Oh man, it’s bathing suit season again…I wonder where mine are. Sounds like a good weekend and don’t do any yard work for a few weeks. Don’t ruin the weekends 🙂 Can you tell I hate yard work?

    • I try not to ruin the weekends by doing yard work work, but for some odd reason Honey likes it! He’s a strange one, but I love him anyways 😉

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