I’ll Have Two Gallons of Primer with a Cola Chaser, thanks!

Well, one day of posting and I am already a liar.  Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was working on a house project, but not for my home-it was for Birdie’s new kick-ass house!  Hooray! After a few months of non-stop house projects they sold their house and moved into a gorgeous new house (which still needs a few more house projects).  I made the hop, skip, and a jump to their new place (she only lives about ten minutes away now) to help paint.  She finally took me up on the offer from last year (wow, almost to the day).  Her house is wonderful, but it was owned by an older couple many years ago and the house has not been updated since then.  Things like wall paper on the ceiling of one of the bathrooms, fixtures that remind me of the dinner scene in ET, blue shag carpeting, and of course the beigey, pinkish color that covers most of the rooms’ walls.  What is it with older people and this color, both of my grandmother’s painted their houses this color.  I just dont’ get it.

Difference between the primer and the wall color

Yesterday Birdie and I got caffeinated up and put primer on the walls of her kitchen nook area (including the cement wall of cubes pictured above), the front entry way, and the living room.  It was actually a little bit more difficult than it looks because the walls had not been painted in a very long time and  they just seemed to drink up the primer.  Hopefully it will make painting a million times better for them.

I did offer to help them again`if they needed it (there are many more rooms to prime, paint, and clean).  They both work full time and only have so many hours in a day to get the house ready for their move in.  I hope I’m not overstepping my bounds.  I know there is an amazing feeling of accomplishment from completing house projects on your own  and I don’t want to get in the way of that.  But I know that moving in and making this house their home will make them extremely happy and if I can contribute to my friends happiness and help it happen sooner, yippee!  I’m so freaking sappy sometimes.

Yesterday while painting I also got a little news from Red, they found out what the sex of the baby is……and I was so very wrong.

It’s a girl!

Yay for Red, Mr. Red, and Lil’ Red (Pink?)!  I can’t believe I get to see them tomorrow.

Enjoy Your Saturdays, everyone!


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