So…Who Would Like to Go First?

Me, that’s who.

Last week I presented my Final Project in my History of Photography class.  I am doing very well in the class, but the assignment is worth 25% of my final grade so I didn’t want to mess up.  The assignment was to find 30 photos, ten from each of the three time periods of Historical (1839-1919), Modern (1920-1976), and Contemporary (1976-present).  These thirty photos had to be all under the same theme and we had to make a Power Point Presentation in class that was to last 10-12 minutes.  Considering that the last time I used Power Point I was not even old enough to drive and I hadn’t made a class presentation since the early 2000s, I was a little overwhelmed by the project.  But I chipped away at it for a few hours each day for the last few weeks and used my researching skills to give a pretty darn good presentation.  I was “randomly” selected to present on the first day of the presentations (I suspect a fix was in, hehe), our teacher asked us who wanted to go first and I volunteered because I figure the quicker I got it over with, the better.  I was right, just ten minutes after the completion of my project my brain began to go back to its normal level of anxiety. My timing was perfect and I had all of the information that was required.  Some presentations I have seen last a few as 3 minutes and as long as twenty and some don’t even have the name of the photographer on the screen.  It’s been a long two weeks, and I still have one more to go.  My topic was Street Photography and how it captures a more true form of history because it is real people caught in a moment of their lives, studio photography is a manipulated truth.

I used the works of Charles Nègre, John Thomson, Robert Frank, Jerry Berndt, Mary Ellen Mark, and Martin Parr.  I won’t take up the next 10-12 minutes of your time, but here were some of my favorites, please excuse me for not listing the year, title, medium, size, and owning party.

Charles Nègre- Rubberneckers (see even back then!)

John Thomson

Robert Frank

Jerry Berndt

Mary Ellen Mark

Martin Parr


4 thoughts on “So…Who Would Like to Go First?

    • I agree. You can see a person’s story in just a moment of their lives in Street Photography, while it takes the studio photographers hours to get just the “right” shot.

  1. It sounds like an intense project but I think I would love putting something like this together. Congrats! Are you done for the summer now?

    • Thank you! I still have a week to go and a final exam, but it counts as extra credit and it can’t hurt my grade. =)

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