So…Who Would Like to Go First?

Me, that’s who.

Last week I presented my Final Project in my History of Photography class.  I am doing very well in the class, but the assignment is worth 25% of my final grade so I didn’t want to mess up.  The assignment was to find 30 photos, ten from each of the three time periods of Historical (1839-1919), Modern (1920-1976), and Contemporary (1976-present).  These thirty photos had to be all under the same theme and we had to make a Power Point Presentation in class that was to last 10-12 minutes.  Considering that the last time I used Power Point I was not even old enough to drive and I hadn’t made a class presentation since the early 2000s, I was a little overwhelmed by the project.  But I chipped away at it for a few hours each day for the last few weeks and used my researching skills to give a pretty darn good presentation.  I was “randomly” selected to present on the first day of the presentations (I suspect a fix was in, hehe), our teacher asked us who wanted to go first and I volunteered because I figure the quicker I got it over with, the better.  I was right, just ten minutes after the completion of my project my brain began to go back to its normal level of anxiety. My timing was perfect and I had all of the information that was required.  Some presentations I have seen last a few as 3 minutes and as long as twenty and some don’t even have the name of the photographer on the screen.  It’s been a long two weeks, and I still have one more to go.  My topic was Street Photography and how it captures a more true form of history because it is real people caught in a moment of their lives, studio photography is a manipulated truth.

I used the works of Charles Nègre, John Thomson, Robert Frank, Jerry Berndt, Mary Ellen Mark, and Martin Parr.  I won’t take up the next 10-12 minutes of your time, but here were some of my favorites, please excuse me for not listing the year, title, medium, size, and owning party.

Charles Nègre- Rubberneckers (see even back then!)

John Thomson

Robert Frank

Jerry Berndt

Mary Ellen Mark

Martin Parr


Touring the Gardens

I’ve been busy with school, the yard, and entertaining so my entries have been delayed and then eventually oudated.  I want to rectify this, so you all will be seeing multiple entries for the next few days.

First off let me start with the garden.  I have been wielding my ax again and the yard is looking better by the day.  Last week I took out a decrepit  Bird of Paradise (which I believed housed Aragog from Harry Potter) and two old palm stumps from many years ago.  Yesterday I removed the remaining two small palms and a few more rogue tree roots.  I also took out some establish weed beds and covered the ugly chain-linked fence with reed fencing. It ain’t perfect, but it is a vast improvement.  We had to put up chicken wire to protect the ground  from pawing cats and menacing birds, o now I know how to safely use wire cutters.  John has been terracing the slop from where the old patio was to make room for our growing vegetables.  We now have tomatoes cucumbers, pumpkins, various peppers, soy beans, and Ying Yang beans.   

I have been calling him Farmer John, which I think he secretly likes.  He has taken to (as we call it) “touring the gardens” twice a day.  Before he leaves for work he goes to the lower yard to see their growth from the day before and he makes sure no evil slugs have penetrated the copper halos around the seedlings.  It is also the first thing he does when he gets home from work (after hugging and kissing me hello-of course).  He finds the lower yard very soothing and it helps him to have good bookends to his workday, which makes me feel very accomplished in my landscaping.

The flowers have also been doing well even though the heat is steadily increasing around here to make summer.  John’s red roses, that were planted just a few months ago have bloomed, while my white roses still have yet to show a bud.  I still haven’t figured out how to dress up the patio area but for now it is a nice place to sit.  That is, if I can get John to sit still on the weekends. I want him to sit in the garden to relax and he wants to relax by digging more trenches for seeds.  What am I gonna do with that guy? 😉

Herbs on the patio