I Did NOT Eat Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

I swear.

Over the weekend we had a dinner party, this is becoming my new favorite way of socializing.  We had one a couple of weekends ago with my sister and Azure, it was a nice way to catch up without feeling the time constraints of restaurant dining.  It is also less hectic than a big BBQ where I attempt to visit with everyone and fail miserably.

On Saturday I got to show my cooking skillz publicly and I have now received confirmation that everyone survived, so yay!  I handled the cooking and Honey handled the bartending.  I made a ribeye roast that I had to be friggin’ Goldilocks to find the “one” in the neighboring Costcos.

This one is too small, that one is too big, this one looks like it lost a fight, but this one is just right.

Then I made my potatoes and the guests brought a yummy salad that had Cherry vinaigrette dressing and great wine.  For the ribeye I put an entire bulb of diced garlic, rosemary, a little thyme, some salt and pepper, and an extra dash garlic powder. I let it cook for over three hours (the recipe lied and said it be two and a half), so dinner was late but it worked out fine.  I did not take a picture of the massive beast of a roast (we were too hungry) but I assure you it was beautiful in its meaty goodness.

For dessert we made a milk chocolate cake that called for over a pound and a half of chocolate to make it.  It was rich so we put our half eaten pieces in the fridge for the next day.  When I woke up Sunday morning I heard the cake calling to me, but I resisted her temptations until later that evening.  Okay maybe I had a bite or two in the afternoon; Honey has already requested that I make it for his birthday.  I think for every dinner I will make a new dessert, just to keep it lively.

People seemed to enjoy themselves, it is a far cry from the environment we all met each other in (club).  Now we can actually hear what the other is saying, if it is not being covered up by laughter.  I do think I am turning to an Italian Mother, we sat at the table for a few hour after we ate and I felt like I should be making more food for them to eat.  Luckily there was one Lovely Lady who kept the wine glasses from getting dry.

A few months ago we discussed getting a small 4 person table and putting to large reading chairs in the dinning area.  That was a fun thought but not conducive to how we want to live.  We currently have a six person table, so that meant a card table was put at the end of the table.  I didn’t think to measure it and the card table was an inch or so shorter than the table, Honey, another guest, and I ate at the “kiddie” table.  Perhaps someday we will get an eight person table if we do keep up this dinner party thing.  We want to start doing these dinners more regularly, inviting different groups of friends every couple of weeks.

Oh and just to add major applause to Honey, he also installed a new light in the kitchen on Saturday so I would not be in dark while cooking.  Our old ceiling fan in there had a stuck chord from last summer and I was using odd tactics to keep the food illuminated.  One kitchen project down, thirty-four more to go 😉


4 thoughts on “I Did NOT Eat Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

  1. You have been busy. Can he fix our light in our front room? I need to buy a really tall ladder to get up there. The cake sounds good–I would have eaten it for breakfast. I have no shame.

  2. I agree with TBM – I would have eaten the chocolate cake for breakfast…it follows all the breakfast food groups….bread, eggs, veggies (chocolate is a veggie I SWEAR!) and fats. 😀

    Sounds like it was a fabulous time. And may I heartily recommend the tables at Cost Plus? Our expandable table has saved us much time and contributed great space for our 1st family sized gathering this past Christmas. Besides all that – it survived the trip.

    • Thanks for to recommendation, we have looked at their tables before as long as I can figure out the logistics John is on board. We were thinking Crate & Barrel for a while, because they are gorgeous, but the ones we like don’t have leafs so we would be stuck with an 8 person table 24/7. =) I really look forward to the day that I don’t have to hide the table under a tablecloth out of shame.

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