Warm Bellies On Cold Days

I have been meaning to post about last weekend all week but I got a little distracted (as I do).

Since I was in high school St. Patrick’s Day was demonized in my household because off my Mom’s (then current) religion, so I don’t really celebrate it. She said celebrating St. Patrick was like celebrating a mass murderer even in America’s skewed version of it.  So instead of wearing green and sneaking out to have a few low-quality beers with my friends as a kid, I drew a blue snake of peace on my arm and withstood the pinches that came from not wearing green at school.  I still respect the pagan beliefs and the decision not to celebrate any version of St. Patrick’s Day but as I have  got older I stopped looking so seriously at the holiday.  And now that my Mom is Catholic…well let’s just say I don’t think she drew a blue snake on her arm this year.  This does not seem to be a religious holiday to most Americans, just a day to pretend we are all Irish (which I am, but only by a little). I just wanted to join in the American tradition of eating Irish food and drinking Guinness this year, because it was on sale everywhere.

Of course I’m still overly cautous and decided that we would just stay in for these treats because I did not like the equation of Public Drinking Holiday + SoCal drivers in the rain.  We had pretty ugly weather last weekend, rainy with gusts of wind around 30 mph and kinda cold.  Since the storm had been predicted I spent most of Friday running around town getting the food and drink supplies we would need for the entire weekend so we could just cuddle up at home and not have to go out anywhere.  If it hadn’t been for the bad onions I had bought a day earlier, I would have been successful at not leaving the house all weekend.

Most of Saturday I spent in the kitchen cooking meals and cookies.  I wanted to make warm comfort foods that would keep our bellies warm.  I made the Chipotle Chicken Soup for lunch, perhaps a little too late because we did not start to get hungry for dinner until around 8pm.  I chose to make a Shepherd’s Pie that I found on Food Network.com, when I went searching for recipes this one stood out because it had Garlic Mashed Potatoes on top.  YUM!  Here is the recipe.  It also requires a bottle of dark beer and bacon to make it, if that gives you any indication of the indulgent nature of this dish.   I told Honey it would be a once, maybe twice a year dish.  I believe he is currently lobbying for once quarterly.

This was my first Shepherd’s Pie, I hadn’t noticed how long it took to make so we ended up eating around 9:30pm on Saturday.  Oops.  But we stayed up until two am, so it worked out. Sorry for the bad quality photo, I need to stop relying on the iPhone camera, it doesn’t do well in my dark kitchen.

Overall I enjoyed the weekend, it was at a different pace than our others weekends so I will try not to compare. I cooked, snuggled with my guy, got to watch the rain and wind cause mayhem, eat some very yummy/fattening food, and play with kitties.  I will admit I feel guilt for not doing a little something for Pagan Pride on St. Patrick’s Day, I will eventually find my balance for religious observances in my own way-it just takes practice.


3 thoughts on “Warm Bellies On Cold Days

  1. It rained? I celebrated St. Patrick’s day this year and then on Sunday I regretted it. The Shepard’s Pie looks good. I would have stayed up for it.

    • Yes it rained all of that weekend and a little the following Monday. My plants love it, but it makes us less likely to go out and play.
      You know what cures a hangover? Leftover Shepherd’s Pie =) Just saying, for next time. 😉

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