I think I Broke the Cats

It’s been a week since the new cats moved in.  It was our intention to have them continue their indoor/outdoor status by living the “Cat Cave” downstairs and then having access to the yard while I was there.  I wanted to wait a few days to introduce them to the backyard in case they freaked and started running.  If that happened I wanted them to trust me enough to not think that my running after them was an act of aggression.  Well that day came today, I opened up the door to let them into the yard and…

They didn’t want to go outside.

What the heck?  These are lean, mean feral machines, a week inside and now they just want to cuddle?  Those cats are the reason the bird population took a sharp nose dive in my mom’s old neighborhood.  She couldn’t open up her door in the morning without some form of small animal carcass greeting her next to the morning paper. I tried various things the coax them outside of the Cat Cave, but they were having none of that.  I took this picture just to show Rocco’s pure horror at the idea of going outside.

Rocco in the doorway from the Cat Cave to the Utility Room.

It was only later that I realized there was a rusty axe right next to him, but I’m sure it had nothing to do with why he came out, right?

I’ll try again tomorrow, but they looked very content just to sit with me.

Cuddle Kitty Terra?


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