Being All Social and Stuff

Last night was all kinds of fun.

There was good food and company.  I had invited Azure over a few weeks back so we could catch up and I could show off my cooking muscles.  During this last week I had a chance to see my sister and realized she could use a weekend out of Dodge, so I invited her over too.  My sister turns 16 is approximately 4 days, so it was also a chance to get some spoiling time in before she is whisked away by her friends.

The food turned out well, I made Salmon and rice with a side salad; a very healthy dinner, but I made it that way so we could have a very bad desert.  I asked my sister what her favorite kind of desert was a couple of days ago, expecting to make some kind of elaborate cake or something, but she said she liked Sundaes.  So I made some of my cookies, crumbled them put them on top of Fudge Track ice cream and covered with chocolate syrup.  Yeah, it was a hit.

The day was a little hectic, I went up to see my friend Emily in North County earlier in the morning.  Not as early as I had planned because I started playing with the “new” kitties and they were being so adorable that I didn’t want to leave.  Emily is 7 months pregnant and has a three year old toddler, I thought I should get in a few visits before the baby is born because I am guessing she will have her hands full for a few months after.  I am ashamed to admit I haven’t seen her since last summer, though usually we make plans to meet at least once quarterly-but it never works out. =(

After I visited with her I picked up Jen and went back to the house.  John had been Spring Cleaning the garage (thanks honey, because that is one thing I won’t clean).  I sent Jen down to play with cats, who were very enthusiastic to see her and I made the cookies, doing minor QC work while doing it.  Hehe.  Azure arrived a few hours later we relaxed and chatted, oh and had some yummy wine.  While I cooked Azure kept me company and was amused with the vision of me cooking and occasionally dancing around to the music playing.  John played DJ and teacher, he was showing Jen and Azure the different kinds of Blues music we had.  Bessie Smith, R.L. Burnside, Robert Johnson…the list goes on.  I was in a type of heaven having good friends, good food, and good music around.  The icing on the cake was that Azure wouldn’t let me do the dishes, she insisted on doing them herself! So sweet.

I really enjoyed having just a few people over, I think that is what I will do this year instead of big BBQs, okay maybe one big BBQ.  But I think I will start inviting just a couple of people over for dinner or brunch every couple of weeks to visit instead of rushing around to visit with everyone in a three hour time frame.

But now I have to go, I hear my “creatures” stirring.  Time to make waffles!


2 thoughts on “Being All Social and Stuff

  1. I’m so glad I don’t have a garage. I would never clean it. Never…how do they get so messy. My parents’ garage used to scare me to death…and then there was there basement. I think I’m meant for apartment life.

    • I like having a garage for keeping our “project items” but it creeps me out, even in the middle of the day. Too many dark corners and condo complexes of spiderwebs. We have the semi-basement that is partially finished, but it gives me the creeps too. One day I’ll have photograph the down there, the unfinished part is very Pan’s Labyrinth-esk.

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