Love & Raw Chicken

Happy Valentine’s Day to All!  I hope this day, regardless of relationship status gives you some love and mushy vibes.

Honey and my plans for the evening include a quick meal followed by our History of Photography class until 10pm.  I would have suggested cutting class if our teacher hadn’t so stealthily scheduled the first test tonight. But how does the saying go?  The couple that studies together, stays together?  We had tried to do a nice meal at home (we don’t like to deal with restaurants for Valentine’s Day) on Saturday, but after ten hours of helping my mom move I was in no mood, so we had some local junk food.  We hoped to move the romantic dinner to Sunday night, but some not so pleasant news got in the way.  Nothing major, just a bummer-I’ll talk about it in a week or so. We did still have a wonderful dinner at home courtesy of one of my Valentine’s gifts: a French oven!

It is amazing what a chicken, a little olive oil, salt & pepper, and thyme can do!  I have to admit is was my first time preparing a whole chicken, I knew what I would have to do-but still.  He was in his office- a room away from the kitchen and heard my girly complaints. The conversation went like this:

Me: ew (looking at the chicken heart in my hand) Sorry I am being such a baby about this. (side note: I apologize for crap like this all the time)

ew (looking at the liver and other various innards)

Honey, could you come look at this and make sure I got everything out.

Honey: Just a minute, oh make sure you get the neck.

Me: The neck!

Honey: Yeah, sometimes they leave it.  If you got the bag out, I’m sure it’s fine.

Me: Bag!  There is no bag, everything is loose. (He walks into kitchen and gazes upon me and mangled bird)

Honey: No bag…oh..EW!

Honey has cooked many a bird in his culinary life and I have never heard him “ew-ing” while he did it, this made me feel better.  Suffice to say we made it through alright, in fact the leftovers were even good.  After a few minutes and a required bathing of the chicken I got use to handling raw chicken.  I plan to make many a wonderful meals with that thing, thank you Valentine!


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