And Now Back to Your Normally Scheduled Housewife

I’m finally feeling better, a little slow but back in game. After not being able to work on the yard and being scared of the sinus agitation of cleaning the house I had some catching up to do.  I stayed away form the yard but attacked the house with vigor and efficiency, I think the house has now been decontaminated of germs and dust. Since I got my housewife groove back I went a little overboard the other day and made a meatloaf for dinner, baked cookies, curled my hair, and put on a cute 50’s style outfit.  Honey was pleased.  I need to get me some curlers so I can really get the look down.

With the sensitive sinuses I have negotiated having a post at my mom’s new apartment this weekend, instead of packing and cleaning out the old house.  This gives me an unprecedented advantage of putting things away in an orderly fashion and calmly explaining to my mother “there is not enough room”. I hope this will also help minimize any emotional ware I might get from the move.  I’ve moved out of that house three times before, but this time will be very different.  The distance from the situation will be give me energy to be a cheerleader for the new place.  And let’s be honest, the distance will also get me out of moving heavy furniture down odd shaped stairs. =P

In other news relating to this blog’s namesake, I have been working on the novel again.  I had dabbled in another story idea for a few weeks, something a little lighter (a love story), but I could still feel the pull of the original story I was working on.  I felt bad for abandoning my characters in the novel.  I could just imagine my heroine Angie rolling her eyes at me and as I sat down at my computer to work on homework or check facebook, instead of giving her something to do.  Now her eyes don’t roll quite as deep.

Hopefully by next week I will be back to normal energy so I  can get out of the house and back in the yard.


3 thoughts on “And Now Back to Your Normally Scheduled Housewife

    • Thank you, I hope to get at least 3000 words done on it a week. Reading other books while I do it seems to be helpful, it reminds me that it is possible to finish. I just finished Good Omens, any suggestions on what I should read next?

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