Fortuitous Technical Difficulties

All kinds of new stuff has been going on this week.  I am currently curled up on the couch with a head cold (which I blame on the Santa Ana’s and five year old dust from my parent’s house) but it gives me the time to sit and blog.  So first things first. Big announcements for people that I love.

Over a week ago I met with The Ladies, Octana in person, and Red via Skype for Kauwfee Talk.  We planned to all “meet” at our usual Starbuck’s, but due technical difficulties we had to go to Octana’s house to access Skype.  It was an unexpected blessing because Red had some new for us, and if I had heard it in public I might have burst with excitement and made a public ass of myself (instead of just a private ass).  She is pregnant! I can write that because she announced publicly later that evening.  But Octana and I feel special because we got the news “face to face”, to be honest I am so relieved that we got news like that somewhere private.  Red and her husband will be fabulous parents, they were always on my list of “People That Should Have Kids”.  Odd list title, but sometimes I just meet people that I think would be good people to raise good kids.

I am a little bummed I won’t get to see the little one grow up face to face, but I can only imagine how cute and intelligent this kid will be with the parents that it has.  Uh, I hate saying “it” when referring to a baby.  I’ll try and say “little one”. But, I am totally going to make predication here.  I am saying it is going to be a boy.  There, you heard it here first.  More reason for me to get a passport sooner, rather than later.

Speaking of predictions, I had this weird feeling about an hour before the chat.  First off, she had suggested the Skype Date after she had be laying kinda low for the last couple of months.  And then I got this weird feeling as I got in the car to go meet Octana, it was a weird anxious but relieved feeling-like something was going to happen soon (I always drive extra careful when I get those moments).  Also sometimes I can just read people’s behavior, not saying I’m psychic-just overly observant.  Like how I knew Octana’s random party a few years ago was something big between her and her other, turns out it was their wedding reception. I thought they might have an announcement about moving in or being engaged or “something”, since I noticed her drinking alcohol at a friends party a month before her “party”, I knew it was not the “something”.  So I asked and she let me in on the “secret” about getting married a few hours before the party.  I felt special.

I am so happy for Red and her hubby, they will be excellent parents; and I’m happy they are closer to their families during this time, so they can share in the experience.  This does not mean I am not insanely jealous that I can’t be there 😉

Love and hugs to you Red & Mr. “Red” & Little One aka Mini Red/ Red Jr.(?)


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