Love & Raw Chicken

Happy Valentine’s Day to All!  I hope this day, regardless of relationship status gives you some love and mushy vibes.

Honey and my plans for the evening include a quick meal followed by our History of Photography class until 10pm.  I would have suggested cutting class if our teacher hadn’t so stealthily scheduled the first test tonight. But how does the saying go?  The couple that studies together, stays together?  We had tried to do a nice meal at home (we don’t like to deal with restaurants for Valentine’s Day) on Saturday, but after ten hours of helping my mom move I was in no mood, so we had some local junk food.  We hoped to move the romantic dinner to Sunday night, but some not so pleasant news got in the way.  Nothing major, just a bummer-I’ll talk about it in a week or so. We did still have a wonderful dinner at home courtesy of one of my Valentine’s gifts: a French oven!

It is amazing what a chicken, a little olive oil, salt & pepper, and thyme can do!  I have to admit is was my first time preparing a whole chicken, I knew what I would have to do-but still.  He was in his office- a room away from the kitchen and heard my girly complaints. The conversation went like this:

Me: ew (looking at the chicken heart in my hand) Sorry I am being such a baby about this. (side note: I apologize for crap like this all the time)

ew (looking at the liver and other various innards)

Honey, could you come look at this and make sure I got everything out.

Honey: Just a minute, oh make sure you get the neck.

Me: The neck!

Honey: Yeah, sometimes they leave it.  If you got the bag out, I’m sure it’s fine.

Me: Bag!  There is no bag, everything is loose. (He walks into kitchen and gazes upon me and mangled bird)

Honey: No bag…oh..EW!

Honey has cooked many a bird in his culinary life and I have never heard him “ew-ing” while he did it, this made me feel better.  Suffice to say we made it through alright, in fact the leftovers were even good.  After a few minutes and a required bathing of the chicken I got use to handling raw chicken.  I plan to make many a wonderful meals with that thing, thank you Valentine!


And Now Back to Your Normally Scheduled Housewife

I’m finally feeling better, a little slow but back in game. After not being able to work on the yard and being scared of the sinus agitation of cleaning the house I had some catching up to do.  I stayed away form the yard but attacked the house with vigor and efficiency, I think the house has now been decontaminated of germs and dust. Since I got my housewife groove back I went a little overboard the other day and made a meatloaf for dinner, baked cookies, curled my hair, and put on a cute 50’s style outfit.  Honey was pleased.  I need to get me some curlers so I can really get the look down.

With the sensitive sinuses I have negotiated having a post at my mom’s new apartment this weekend, instead of packing and cleaning out the old house.  This gives me an unprecedented advantage of putting things away in an orderly fashion and calmly explaining to my mother “there is not enough room”. I hope this will also help minimize any emotional ware I might get from the move.  I’ve moved out of that house three times before, but this time will be very different.  The distance from the situation will be give me energy to be a cheerleader for the new place.  And let’s be honest, the distance will also get me out of moving heavy furniture down odd shaped stairs. =P

In other news relating to this blog’s namesake, I have been working on the novel again.  I had dabbled in another story idea for a few weeks, something a little lighter (a love story), but I could still feel the pull of the original story I was working on.  I felt bad for abandoning my characters in the novel.  I could just imagine my heroine Angie rolling her eyes at me and as I sat down at my computer to work on homework or check facebook, instead of giving her something to do.  Now her eyes don’t roll quite as deep.

Hopefully by next week I will be back to normal energy so I  can get out of the house and back in the yard.

So Where’s the Party, Man?

Right now our house looks like we have been having a kegger for the last six weeks.  To be honest, at first I minded-but not anymore, because in those shockingly cherry red containers of joy lies the seedlings of future ingredients.  John planted Serrano peppers, thai basil, catnip, German thyme and regular basil.  We didn’t know if it was going to work or not so I told him to save some money and use the left over cups from our last BBQ to plant them in.  At the time I thought he was going to plant maybe two of each, nope-not my man, he planted enough to keep the whole neighborhood going on fresh peppers for months.  They have been sprouting, it is actually kind of neat to watch John check on them every night after he gets home, you know to see what they’ve done that day.

Our front porch gets the most direct sunlight this time of year, so really it is the only place to put them.  Soon we will plant them in a more permanent place, but for now it looks like either we have had a continual party since January or I am a really lazy housekeeper.

In other views from around the house, here is that lower yard I have been working on.

It still has a long way to go, more sand needs to be shoveled, weeds pulled, branches cut, etc.  But the fun part is coming:planting.  It is also important to remember that this is how it usually looks this time of year.

I’ve been keeping myself busy with it.  Also if you have any suggestions on what color I should paint the lower portion of the cement wall in picture three, let me know I am up for suggestions.  Believe it or not I am not planning on painting it Frida Blue.

Fortuitous Technical Difficulties

All kinds of new stuff has been going on this week.  I am currently curled up on the couch with a head cold (which I blame on the Santa Ana’s and five year old dust from my parent’s house) but it gives me the time to sit and blog.  So first things first. Big announcements for people that I love.

Over a week ago I met with The Ladies, Octana in person, and Red via Skype for Kauwfee Talk.  We planned to all “meet” at our usual Starbuck’s, but due technical difficulties we had to go to Octana’s house to access Skype.  It was an unexpected blessing because Red had some new for us, and if I had heard it in public I might have burst with excitement and made a public ass of myself (instead of just a private ass).  She is pregnant! I can write that because she announced publicly later that evening.  But Octana and I feel special because we got the news “face to face”, to be honest I am so relieved that we got news like that somewhere private.  Red and her husband will be fabulous parents, they were always on my list of “People That Should Have Kids”.  Odd list title, but sometimes I just meet people that I think would be good people to raise good kids.

I am a little bummed I won’t get to see the little one grow up face to face, but I can only imagine how cute and intelligent this kid will be with the parents that it has.  Uh, I hate saying “it” when referring to a baby.  I’ll try and say “little one”. But, I am totally going to make predication here.  I am saying it is going to be a boy.  There, you heard it here first.  More reason for me to get a passport sooner, rather than later.

Speaking of predictions, I had this weird feeling about an hour before the chat.  First off, she had suggested the Skype Date after she had be laying kinda low for the last couple of months.  And then I got this weird feeling as I got in the car to go meet Octana, it was a weird anxious but relieved feeling-like something was going to happen soon (I always drive extra careful when I get those moments).  Also sometimes I can just read people’s behavior, not saying I’m psychic-just overly observant.  Like how I knew Octana’s random party a few years ago was something big between her and her other, turns out it was their wedding reception. I thought they might have an announcement about moving in or being engaged or “something”, since I noticed her drinking alcohol at a friends party a month before her “party”, I knew it was not the “something”.  So I asked and she let me in on the “secret” about getting married a few hours before the party.  I felt special.

I am so happy for Red and her hubby, they will be excellent parents; and I’m happy they are closer to their families during this time, so they can share in the experience.  This does not mean I am not insanely jealous that I can’t be there 😉

Love and hugs to you Red & Mr. “Red” & Little One aka Mini Red/ Red Jr.(?)