A Walking Buddy Hussy

Yep, I admit I have become quite the “walking buddy” hussy.  Not only have I been walking with my aunt and on the weekends (weather permitting) my dear husband and Birdie, now I have added yet another buddy to the mix.  She is the former neighbor of my current neighbor, Apple.  I met her and her husband on Halloween and then again two weeks ago at a local bar with Apple.  I’ll call her Kudra for the purposes of this blog.  She too, is a “temporary” housewife, she has been at it for four months.  We have very similar reasons as to why we left our jobs and the circumstances surrounding it.  When we met at the bar we talked a bit a realized we had a few things in common and a desire to exercise, so I let her know about my Lake walks.

We set out to walk on Friday, but while I was driving there to meet her, she called me .  She had locked her keys in her house and found out that there was not a spare hiding in some unassuming potted plant or under a garden stone.   I asked if there was anything I could do, she said she wasn’t going to be able to do anything so she would still like to walk if I was willing to pick her up.  There was no way I going to let her just hang around all day until her husband came home so I drove over to her place and we went to the Lake.  One of my daily fears is locking myself out of the house, I would be stuck outside until after 5:30. Blah.  I come and go so much with Kate and other outside errands I always worry I am going to lock the door when I don’t mean to and not lock it when I mean to.  So I can relate.

We walked all the way to the end, that was the first time I had ever hit the bullseye there.  The Lake has a barrier that prevents pedestrians from walking around the entire lake.  This means any distance you travel, you have to turn around and walk back the same distance.  Usually the first time I take someone there, they usually stop around the two mile mark, but not Kudra she just kept powering through and we kept talking.  We talked about books, housewife life, her background, my background, etc.  Somewhere around mile four of the walk she opened up to me about an event in her life, something that I could relate to.  The rest of the walk we both talked very candidly about subjects you just don’t talk to with people you barely know.  Sure, I figuratively slapped my hand against my forehead when I remembered a few things I said-but to be honest  I do that after any conversation that included my opinion on things other that art, movies, and books. I worry about people judging me on a few comments when they don’t know the whole story.  That is why a few of you might have seen an update or two that mysteriously disappears after an hour.  =) I’m working on it.

After the walk I drove her up to her husband’s work to get a key (because she still would have had to wait around for hours) and she treated me to smoothie to say thanks.  We have already planned our next walk and hopefully it will become a regular thing, my aunt’s house projects have prevented us from walking for the last two weeks and I need some exercise to keep my mind….uh….what’s it called…oh, yeah- focused.


Aging Technologies and Me

Well, that didn’t go well.  Turns out my day time class of Photography I is using film only, I have a broken film camera somewhere in Honey’s closet that hasn’t seen the light of day since the beginning of Bush’s 2nd term.  I could have gotten it fixed, but really what is the point?  Apparently the class will be converted to digital next semester, but I will most likely be working during the time those classes are offered.  The fun thing is you have to take Photography I to qualify for Digital Photography I this semester.  Blah!

I have nothing against film, I used it for a lot longer than most people but now learning to develop film seems like it would be taking a computer class and learning Windows 95.  So I dropped it. I is lame, I know.

Surf’s Up in San Diego

For the last couple of days the waves in San Diego have been in the 15′-20′ range, usually  they are around 4 feet range.  So I was a “bad” little Housewife yesterday and went on a little field trip to La Jolla Cove and snapped a few photos.  I hope you enjoy them.