“We are what we pretend to be so we must be careful what we pretend to be”

During the semester I had commitment issues to books.  For my “free” reading I had this bad habit of choosing a novel, being excited for it, and then casting it aside to start another.  I chose usually thick, highly regarded, and somewhat depressing subject matter.  That could have been my problem, or it could have been the idea that popped in my head that I was cheating on my textbooks when I read these “for fun” books.

In the last week I have finished two smallish books, Mother Night and Storm Front from the Harry Dresden series.  Mother Night was not as depressing as I thought it would be.  This could be because of my history heavy semester that made me numb or Kurt Vonnegut’s approach in style.  So it goes.  It did have some interesting morals which are stated at the beginning of the book, one of them is the quote I put above.  I think most of us in all areas of life pretend to varying levels of something we are not.

On a lighter book choice I decided to finally read a Harry Dresden book, it was good fun and a welcome break from history books/ historical novels.  Now I understand Red’s comment about me being a warlock, I have issues with electronics, a 30+ lb cat, and I like to have skulls around me.  Once again I think it was the approach of the author that made the story what is.  Because really when you think about it there is blood, death, the occult, orgies, possession, and monsters in the story; but Butcher’s humor in it made me laugh, not scream.

Both of these I read on Honey’s Kindle. I attempted once before to read on a Kindle and to be honest I didn’t enjoy it.  I felt like I was still connected to the world, instead of escaping into the novel I was reading.  I had that issue again when I read the last two, but it wasn’t as predominant.  I wonder if you just get use to it after a while…  I liked not having to hold open a book while battling for lap space from Bailey, it is also convenient when you do read a thick book that keeps trying to shut itself when you’re in the middle of it.  Also I think the challenge of seeing the percentage of completeness propelled me more to finish the stories.  I’ll read to 40% and then go to bed, okay maybe 50%, and before I knew it I was heading into the homestretch of the end of the book.  I like devouring books last week, it made my brain function on a lighter and more precise manor. I need to do that more often.

With that being said, I think I am converting to being a Kindle reader. Please don’t judge me, I know I have betrayed the paper enthusiasts.  Though the non-tangible nature does have some humorous hiccups, one afternoon I searched the house for ten minutes trying to find my book.  My brain did not associate the Kindle as containing the book I was reading, but rather the book I read before…Hmm, so much for that “thinking in a more precise manor” theory, I better go read another book.


2 thoughts on “Converting

  1. I don’t have a proper Kindle … I use the app on my iPhone but I usually buy 2 copies of the book and go back and forth between paper and digital. I like being able to have the book with me wherever I go, since I always have my phone. I can sneak in a page or a chapter if I’m stuck waiting somewhere.

    I started reading the Hunger Games series Christmas weekend and tore through the first book in a couple days. With Christmas shopping, I only bought digital — a first for me. Even so, I’m already half way through book 2. I still want a hard copy so that I can lend the books out. That’s my favorite part of reading a book, sharing it with someone else when I’m done! You can’t do that with Kindle so I’m not converted yet 😛

    • Ah, lending out books-a good reason not to convert. 🙂 Do you think you tore through the book because of the digital nature or the was it the plot? I haven’t read them so I don’t know if they are addicting. =P

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