Emerging from Under the Pile of Non-Refundable History Textbooks

And I’m back.

Finals ended for me yesterday and it is my hope that a good portion of my sanity will return to me before the weekend starts, but we shall see.  I put a lot of effort into the last few weeks of class so I could maintain my unusually good grades.  In some classes the last test was around 30% of my grade, to me this seems a bit much-but maybe that’s why school and I never got along.  My grades are required to be in by next Tuesday, but that hasn’t stopped me from obsessively checking the board online.

In other news, Christmas is upon us.  A few weeks back John and I offered to host a Christmas Eve potluck for our families (well his mom and my 12 local relatives).  During finals I really tried not to think about so I could just focus on school, but now I have no excuse-I have to think about it.  I am going to have around 15 people at our house in 9 days….Thank Gods it’s Potlock. I will admit I have let the cleanliness of the house slack a little bit for the last few weeks, nothing gross just not nearly as tidy as I would like.  Also the yard is insisting on some attention.  We got a little bit of rain in the last few few weeks and it makes all of my heat-stroked weeds make astounding comebacks.  On the plus sign the lower yard now has the appearance of having a green lawn (but really it is just cut weeds).  Tomorrow my war begins with the weeds.

It has also been consistently cold here in San Diego, relatively tame to the rest of the world-lows in the 30s and 40s, but to us SoCal wimps it feels like a frost giant has us in a bear hug.  While studying I was getting too cold form being stationary (and still having an unusable heater) so I would grab both animals and the space heater and retreat to my office.  It brought on a slight truce between Bailey and Kate, but there are still acts of dominance.  Bailey also started a new thing, he jumps up on my lap when I am at the computer.  Bailey is a sweet cat but he has not been much of a lap cat away from the couch and a comfy blanket.  He is also still a 25+lb cat, so the fact he insists on cuddling on my lap and staying there for more than 30 minutes, indicates to me that the house is colder than usual.  Either that or he is just that needy now, which going by the yowls that I hear from the yard when I just go to water is completely possible.

But now it’s time for bed, nighty-night all.

Talk to you soon.


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