A Stereotypical Rebellion (while I still can)

You know what has always been on my list to do?  Dye my hair a very unnatural color.

Sure , I have had the colors that have dipped my toe in the world of unnatural colors- a slightly richer red, a darker brown- but I have never jumped feet first into stop light reds, beautiful blues, or pretty purples.  In a few weeks that will change.  I would do it now, in fact it is taking a lot of will power not to run to the nearest beauty supply shop, but with my intense PE classes I have to wash my hair frequently and the color would fade in a week if I did it now.  Also consistent sweat with recently applied hair color=not pretty.  So, I will wait and obsessively weigh the color options in my mind.

I must admit it is a exciting and somewhat scary thing.  While in some places of San Diego such colors would not warrant the blinking of an eye, out here in the burbs it might attract some attention.  With being able to blend in now, I am curious to see if there will be a difference in behavior by strangers and people I know.  I’m guessing Bailey will nervously meow at me for days, he’ll be wondering what I put my head into to cause such a follicle reaction.  He has done this before with slight hair color changes…

Wait a minute!…maybe he will leave me alone for a few days…hmmm….maybe he will be scared of me and not try to wake me up every morning at 5:30am…very tempting…ugh, must resist urge to dye hair immidiately.

I’m sure my family members will be less than thrilled, but oh well I am practically 30 and they got off easy with my limited teenage rebellions.  The only person who’s feelings I took into consideration with this is John’s, and he’s cool with it.

I know this will only be a temporary thing, my hair is extremely stubborn and doesn’t like to hold onto color for too long, but in the meantime it will be fun.   Is it December yet?


2 thoughts on “A Stereotypical Rebellion (while I still can)

  1. There’s something oddly satisfying about the radical dye job… once colored the underside of my hair bright reddish-pink, and even though eventually was forced to dye it back to a “natural” hue (option #3 given by a super conservative high school principal, right after 1) get expelled, 2) cut the colored part off), it put a smile on my face for a solid week 🙂

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