Tooting My Own School Horn

School is somehow still kicking my butt.  This week I got a test score back on my first test in Modern American History.  I got a low B, I was disappointed with myself but it was a hard test.  The teacher then began rhetorically asking why the grades were so low.  He said that the highest score was in the 80s, and only one person was in the 8os range. Me! Now because of it holds this person “in high regard”.  I am still terrified of his class, but hopefully if he knows me and knows I am a hard worker he might not lump me in with the misbehaving football players.  Ah, it’s like high school all over again.

My PE teachers have also been kicking my butt, more physically than mentally.  It seems as though everything has gotten kicked up in high gear.  In my step class I finally started to understand what move she is asking for and learning the order, though she changes the routine every class.

It’s standard right, tap, tap,round-a-bout, corner, corner, combo, pivot, mambo, pivot, walk, combo, dip, dip, and kick.


standard right, tap, tap, round-a-bout, corner, corner, standard (what foot), pivot, combo, walk…..wait what foot am I on?

I’ll get it someday…I think.



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