Opinions, Everyone Has One

This week two ladies I know were offered jobs that provide new opportunities and adventures, but both are hesitant.  One has accepted the position but she is leery of what this job will cost her current way of life and what she has spent years building.  On the other hand it is a fun field and reflects her interests.  Luckily she has options, so if she hates it she’s not stuck.  I wish her the best of luck and hope she has more fun than she can possibly imagine.

The other Lady has the weekend to make her decision, her job opportunity would require her to move to Oregon from Northern California.  Portland to be exact.  There are a lot of things for her to consider before accepting or declining this job, and I have a feeling they have been gnawing on her for the last 48 hours.  I spoke to her yesterday and she brought up some concerns she would have with moving that I was not aware of.  But I still think she should take it.  I always “try” (please note the quotes and underline-that is a strong try-but an imperfect one) to be a good listener and get a good sense of their feelings on a subject before I offer my advice.  I have known this person for nine-ish years and we were extremely close for awhile so I know how her brain use to work-but now that we don’t see or speak to each other as often, I am a little clueless in how it works currently.  I gently pressed my opinion while we were on the phone but I think, as per usual, I did not truly express how I felt on the matter.  I have that issue…even here.  So I did something that I am still happy I did, but at the same time a little regretful about it.  I sent an email with my “balls out on the table” opinion.

I don’t normally do things like that, I am opinionated, but I often to not convey those opinions to others-especially if it concerns their life.  Which no matter how close I am to them, is not mine to delegate.  It was not a “you must do this” email. It was meant to be a rallying email, to get her more excited about the possibility of the changes the move could make, so she wouldn’t focus on all the  scary things that the move could make.  In the end I said as long it is what SHE wants, not anyone else, that all the people that love her will support whatever decision she makes.  I haven’t heard back from her, which does not mean anything.  But I worry when I speak up to much how others will react, especially if they are not use to it.  I hope what I said did not hurt her in any way.

Regardless of what happens with both of these ladies and their new opportunities, I am so happy for them!  They both had the courage to step out of their comfort zone and try for something new.  Their talents (which they both underestimate) are being recognized and rewarded, they are an example to those of us who have a problem just even throwing our name in the hat.

Good luck to both of you Lovely Ladies.


2 thoughts on “Opinions, Everyone Has One

  1. This is Halloween, this is Halloween! Halloween, Halloween!!!
    Thank you for the luck… I know I will need it when those nerves set in the day before I have to walk through those doors to my new career for the first time. Your advice, encouragement and support mean the world to me.

    thank you lady.

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