Tests & Questions

Lately I have sat down to my computer to put up a post and then realize I should be doing something to contribute to my schoolwork instead.  So now I have a lot of  one paragraph drafts saved up in my bank.  Like right now for example, I am fighting the urge to stop typing and continue to study for a test I have in my Modern American History class.  I studied yesterday and reviewed this morning, but because I don’t know what my professor’s tests will be like I feel like it is not enough.  The test isn’t even on our text book, it’s on his ” Notes” and two quotes at the end of our syllabus.  I know he is trying to shrink the class down (unlike most semesters that I have had, the amount of students has stayed close to the enrollment number even after five weeks).  I am scared he is going to grade harshly on the essays to weed out some of us. But I need to keep writing, just for the practice-I’ve noticed my writing pattern changing without regular exercise.

With my new schedule, on Thursdays I try not to do anything school related.  I usually walk with Birdie and  sometimes with Columbia, write, do the more intensive cleaning, and other errands.  Last week I went by my old work for an hour.  It went well.  Almost everyone seemed happy to see me (with the exception of the one Sales Manager who talked crap about me when I left-he said hi and pretty much ignored me).  Both of my old bosses within minutes of our different conversations asked if I would come back.  One made sure I knew I was always welcome back.  That was a good feeling.  I won’t be going back, but it is good to know I have options.

I didn’t get to visit with my two buddies there because one of my old bosses upon seeing me, gave me a hug and had me come visit with him in his office.  By the time I finished with my conversation with him, my two buddies-who leave an hour before everyone else, had gone.  So I visited with everyone else.  I was told by a few that I looked happy, asked by one if I was pregnant (she’s the one who always was telling me to get pregnant), told by one she was pregnant, and introduced to another girl that they brought in to help replace my position.

Tomorrow I am going down to the court house to resolve Spencer’s licensing issue, something I thought was taken care of months ago.

But for now I feel the call to hit the books once again.  Talk to you soon blogland.


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