Big Desk

Yesterday John and I ventured to Ikea instead of Julian.  Since I gave up the big desk a few weeks ago I noticed that I don’t spend as much time in my office as I did before.  I even now refer to it as Kate’s Room because her bed and food are in it and usually so is she.  I have been using a vanity that a friend gave me many years ago when she moved to Northern California.  It was 17″ wide and 31″ long, wonderful fro a vanity but not for a desk. I could fit my laptop and Scentsy warmer  on it and that was it (maybe a coffee mug if I felt ambitious).   So we picked up an attachment to the Ikea bookcase that I already had and now I have a decent size desk (and it was cheap!).  No more leaning my text book against the edge of the desk while trying to balance a spiral notebook on my lap, writing illegible notes, and using Kate’s crate as a desk extension piece.

Ikea on a Saturday is always a delight in social observation.  It never fails to amaze me how strange people can be in large groups of people.  I will fully admit that I am an odd duck, not so much in appearance-but at least in my mind.  We had a fellow customer shoo us away from a desk we were next to, not because he wanted to see the desk-but rather so he could sit in the chair next to it and look off into the distance.  We had absent parents’ children knocking us over and stepping on our toes,  but if you say “hey, watch out” all of the sudden the parents will emerge from the shadows and give you a sharp stare. There just comes a point (usually around the lamp section for me) that you are done with Ikea.

The assembly of my desk was quite simple, it was only two big pieces.  For new couples I highly recommend buying and assembling a semi-complicated piece of Ikea furniture to learn how your partner ticks.  I suggest doing it before anything as extreme as a household project.  You find out a lot about a person when there are no written instructions.  John was a sweetie and  helped me.  Now I am trying to figure out where I want to put things and build my little nest (with Kate as a roommate).




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