Where Did My “Monday” Go?

On Monday I woke up to what was shaping up to be a semi-yucky day at school.  The previous Wednesday I had taken a test in my Early Western Civ class and I was expected to get the grade back that morning.  This was the first test I had taken in years that did not require a full bladder.  My Modern History teacher had gotten pissed at part of the class for talking through his notes and assigned about 200 pages of our history book to read and possibly be tested on the following class period.  I had gotten through about 120 pages.

To top it all off, I had rolled my ankle the week before after running in my total body fitness class.  That was humiliating to say the least, I tripped at the last ten feet of the track in front of the whole class.  It still hurt- I can walk, but I had ditched my step class and the total body fitness class to help it mend.  Monday would be my first day back to the PE classes.  It was going to be a long day.

When I went to school I found an empty parking space almost immediately and relatively close to the school (less limping around).  When  I got to my Western Civ class I found out not only had I gotten an A on the test, but some extra projects I had done gave me a 100% on the test and six extra points that I can apply to my final grade.  It put me in a much better mood for my possible failure at my next class.  I got to that class and the teacher made no mention of the reading he had assigned (he will probably bring it up today).  Yay!  After class I went home and enjoyed the leftovers of my pasta bake and elevated my ankle again.

Later on I went back to school for my PE classes.  Let me just add here that my Step Class instructor had been MIA since before Labor Day.  It turns out I did not ditch her class, because she was not there again.  There was a teacher there this time-a sub.  She was very muscular looking.  My buddy in that class, Brittany remarked how we were in trouble with this one.  It turns out she teaches the Boot Camp Exercise class.  Great…two weeks without the step class, a gimpy ankle, and being taught by a drill instructor.  How is this going to end?

It actually ended well.  I took it easy on my ankle but I got a great work out (to be honest much better than our normal teacher).  I got all pink in the face and it was wonderful!  My endorphin rush pacified me into my next class where I told my instructor that I was still hurting from the week before.  She didn’t remember me rolling my ankle right in front of her (probably because I kept on participating in class).  I told her I was going to go easy this week and she told me just to walk when everyone’s jogging.  She didn’t even ask for a doctor’s note.

To top it all off I got a message from a friend asking me to join her on a possible trip.  So I might get to go on a little road trip soon without me having to pay for any of the transportation costs.  Yippie!  Nothing set in stone so I am not going into details.

So I began what I perceived to be a crappy day and it ended up having some really great moments.  It continued into Tuesday where I got some yard work done, fixed up the house, and turned in my paper. I suggested a random Kauwffe Twalk with my husband last night and it was a blast. I have probably just jinxed myself, but oh well Great Monday + Great Tuesday > Weak Wednesday.


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