Summer Storm

I must admit, I am totally loving the weather right now.  In EC we are lucky if we see more than five clouds together in the same sky during summer.  Around this time of year John and I long for the gray days of early spring, just as a break for our poor UV overdosed eyes.  But yesterday, we got a rare SoCal summer storm.

John didn’t have to work yesterday so we planned a chillaxed day at home.  While he was making pancakes I noticed the sky get really dark, really fast.  I checked the weather online and it said we might get some thunderstorms…cool!  As we sat at the table munching on indulgent breakfast we heard the rumbles of thunder out in the east.  John looked over at me and saw a flash across my face like someone had just snapped a photo of me, he turned quickly and saw lightening-I missed it (the pancakes were really good).  I know a summer storm is nothing special in the rest of the country, but for us weather sheltered Southern Californians it is incredible.  It was a truly wonderful moment to be sitting at the table with him, entertained simply by the sky, eating a really yummy meal.  I love this simple life.

It rained on and off the rest of day yesterday, provoking me to cook a hardy dinner and enjoy in a beer with the hubs.  I was hoping the dark clouds would stay today and the rain might stop for a few hours this morning, maybe even ease up on the humidity.  Like most SoCal rainstorms I have a feeling it will stop around 9:30am, the end of the morning rush hour. Of course this is foiling my plans of walking to the store, but I will see if I can wait it out.  With it raining yard work is not an option- so I can cross that off my To Do List today, and well there is always homework.

I will also admit this is not helping my Halloween Decorating fixation.  I’ve seen the stores slowly trickling in the Halloween stuff, taunting me like a school yard child.  We have a rule, October 1 is the first day I can start putting up the Halloween decorations.  You know with the exception of the items we have up all year.

Our Salt and Pepper Shakers

Though really I don’t think we need anymore decorations (at least this year).  Everything seems to be sparkly and covered in glitter-not my idea of Halloween.




One thought on “Summer Storm

  1. I’m trying to remember rain storms during the summer when I was a kid and I can’t remember one. Doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen, but I really just can’t recall one at all. Sounds like a nice start to the day.

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