Tests & Questions

Lately I have sat down to my computer to put up a post and then realize I should be doing something to contribute to my schoolwork instead.  So now I have a lot of  one paragraph drafts saved up in my bank.  Like right now for example, I am fighting the urge to stop typing and continue to study for a test I have in my Modern American History class.  I studied yesterday and reviewed this morning, but because I don’t know what my professor’s tests will be like I feel like it is not enough.  The test isn’t even on our text book, it’s on his ” Notes” and two quotes at the end of our syllabus.  I know he is trying to shrink the class down (unlike most semesters that I have had, the amount of students has stayed close to the enrollment number even after five weeks).  I am scared he is going to grade harshly on the essays to weed out some of us. But I need to keep writing, just for the practice-I’ve noticed my writing pattern changing without regular exercise.

With my new schedule, on Thursdays I try not to do anything school related.  I usually walk with Birdie and  sometimes with Columbia, write, do the more intensive cleaning, and other errands.  Last week I went by my old work for an hour.  It went well.  Almost everyone seemed happy to see me (with the exception of the one Sales Manager who talked crap about me when I left-he said hi and pretty much ignored me).  Both of my old bosses within minutes of our different conversations asked if I would come back.  One made sure I knew I was always welcome back.  That was a good feeling.  I won’t be going back, but it is good to know I have options.

I didn’t get to visit with my two buddies there because one of my old bosses upon seeing me, gave me a hug and had me come visit with him in his office.  By the time I finished with my conversation with him, my two buddies-who leave an hour before everyone else, had gone.  So I visited with everyone else.  I was told by a few that I looked happy, asked by one if I was pregnant (she’s the one who always was telling me to get pregnant), told by one she was pregnant, and introduced to another girl that they brought in to help replace my position.

Tomorrow I am going down to the court house to resolve Spencer’s licensing issue, something I thought was taken care of months ago.

But for now I feel the call to hit the books once again.  Talk to you soon blogland.


Big Desk

Yesterday John and I ventured to Ikea instead of Julian.  Since I gave up the big desk a few weeks ago I noticed that I don’t spend as much time in my office as I did before.  I even now refer to it as Kate’s Room because her bed and food are in it and usually so is she.  I have been using a vanity that a friend gave me many years ago when she moved to Northern California.  It was 17″ wide and 31″ long, wonderful fro a vanity but not for a desk. I could fit my laptop and Scentsy warmer  on it and that was it (maybe a coffee mug if I felt ambitious).   So we picked up an attachment to the Ikea bookcase that I already had and now I have a decent size desk (and it was cheap!).  No more leaning my text book against the edge of the desk while trying to balance a spiral notebook on my lap, writing illegible notes, and using Kate’s crate as a desk extension piece.

Ikea on a Saturday is always a delight in social observation.  It never fails to amaze me how strange people can be in large groups of people.  I will fully admit that I am an odd duck, not so much in appearance-but at least in my mind.  We had a fellow customer shoo us away from a desk we were next to, not because he wanted to see the desk-but rather so he could sit in the chair next to it and look off into the distance.  We had absent parents’ children knocking us over and stepping on our toes,  but if you say “hey, watch out” all of the sudden the parents will emerge from the shadows and give you a sharp stare. There just comes a point (usually around the lamp section for me) that you are done with Ikea.

The assembly of my desk was quite simple, it was only two big pieces.  For new couples I highly recommend buying and assembling a semi-complicated piece of Ikea furniture to learn how your partner ticks.  I suggest doing it before anything as extreme as a household project.  You find out a lot about a person when there are no written instructions.  John was a sweetie and  helped me.  Now I am trying to figure out where I want to put things and build my little nest (with Kate as a roommate).



Jessica Fletcher, Hipster

By the way, I completely forgot to add in my entry yesterday that Jessica Fletcher is such a hipster.


She rides her bike all over town many times with a basket, and then depends on other people for car rides.







She rocks the 80s glasses









She loves scarves











And she won’t give up her typewriter









Just sayin’…

Where Did My “Monday” Go?

On Monday I woke up to what was shaping up to be a semi-yucky day at school.  The previous Wednesday I had taken a test in my Early Western Civ class and I was expected to get the grade back that morning.  This was the first test I had taken in years that did not require a full bladder.  My Modern History teacher had gotten pissed at part of the class for talking through his notes and assigned about 200 pages of our history book to read and possibly be tested on the following class period.  I had gotten through about 120 pages.

To top it all off, I had rolled my ankle the week before after running in my total body fitness class.  That was humiliating to say the least, I tripped at the last ten feet of the track in front of the whole class.  It still hurt- I can walk, but I had ditched my step class and the total body fitness class to help it mend.  Monday would be my first day back to the PE classes.  It was going to be a long day.

When I went to school I found an empty parking space almost immediately and relatively close to the school (less limping around).  When  I got to my Western Civ class I found out not only had I gotten an A on the test, but some extra projects I had done gave me a 100% on the test and six extra points that I can apply to my final grade.  It put me in a much better mood for my possible failure at my next class.  I got to that class and the teacher made no mention of the reading he had assigned (he will probably bring it up today).  Yay!  After class I went home and enjoyed the leftovers of my pasta bake and elevated my ankle again.

Later on I went back to school for my PE classes.  Let me just add here that my Step Class instructor had been MIA since before Labor Day.  It turns out I did not ditch her class, because she was not there again.  There was a teacher there this time-a sub.  She was very muscular looking.  My buddy in that class, Brittany remarked how we were in trouble with this one.  It turns out she teaches the Boot Camp Exercise class.  Great…two weeks without the step class, a gimpy ankle, and being taught by a drill instructor.  How is this going to end?

It actually ended well.  I took it easy on my ankle but I got a great work out (to be honest much better than our normal teacher).  I got all pink in the face and it was wonderful!  My endorphin rush pacified me into my next class where I told my instructor that I was still hurting from the week before.  She didn’t remember me rolling my ankle right in front of her (probably because I kept on participating in class).  I told her I was going to go easy this week and she told me just to walk when everyone’s jogging.  She didn’t even ask for a doctor’s note.

To top it all off I got a message from a friend asking me to join her on a possible trip.  So I might get to go on a little road trip soon without me having to pay for any of the transportation costs.  Yippie!  Nothing set in stone so I am not going into details.

So I began what I perceived to be a crappy day and it ended up having some really great moments.  It continued into Tuesday where I got some yard work done, fixed up the house, and turned in my paper. I suggested a random Kauwffe Twalk with my husband last night and it was a blast. I have probably just jinxed myself, but oh well Great Monday + Great Tuesday > Weak Wednesday.

Summer Storm

I must admit, I am totally loving the weather right now.  In EC we are lucky if we see more than five clouds together in the same sky during summer.  Around this time of year John and I long for the gray days of early spring, just as a break for our poor UV overdosed eyes.  But yesterday, we got a rare SoCal summer storm.

John didn’t have to work yesterday so we planned a chillaxed day at home.  While he was making pancakes I noticed the sky get really dark, really fast.  I checked the weather online and it said we might get some thunderstorms…cool!  As we sat at the table munching on indulgent breakfast we heard the rumbles of thunder out in the east.  John looked over at me and saw a flash across my face like someone had just snapped a photo of me, he turned quickly and saw lightening-I missed it (the pancakes were really good).  I know a summer storm is nothing special in the rest of the country, but for us weather sheltered Southern Californians it is incredible.  It was a truly wonderful moment to be sitting at the table with him, entertained simply by the sky, eating a really yummy meal.  I love this simple life.

It rained on and off the rest of day yesterday, provoking me to cook a hardy dinner and enjoy in a beer with the hubs.  I was hoping the dark clouds would stay today and the rain might stop for a few hours this morning, maybe even ease up on the humidity.  Like most SoCal rainstorms I have a feeling it will stop around 9:30am, the end of the morning rush hour. Of course this is foiling my plans of walking to the store, but I will see if I can wait it out.  With it raining yard work is not an option- so I can cross that off my To Do List today, and well there is always homework.

I will also admit this is not helping my Halloween Decorating fixation.  I’ve seen the stores slowly trickling in the Halloween stuff, taunting me like a school yard child.  We have a rule, October 1 is the first day I can start putting up the Halloween decorations.  You know with the exception of the items we have up all year.

Our Salt and Pepper Shakers

Though really I don’t think we need anymore decorations (at least this year).  Everything seems to be sparkly and covered in glitter-not my idea of Halloween.



The Not-So Perfect Host

Last night we watched The Perfect Host.  When I saw this movie pop-up on imdb I was instantly intrigued, it came out to a few selected theaters a while back, but we don’t really go out to movies so I waited for it on NetFlix.  The basic premise is that a guy who just robbed a bank needs a place to hide for the night.  He finds himself in a nice neighborhood and on his second try of conning his way into a house he meets Warwick, who is about to have a dinner party.  Warwick is played by David Hyde Pierce, his character has initial similarities of the character he played in “Frasier”, Dr. Niles Crane-but he turns out to be psycho.  A yummy premise to any old “Frasier” fan.  I usually only talk about movies I like, because I don’t like to knock on someone’s hard work, but I have mixed feeling about this one.  I am happy I got to see it, but it isn’t going on my DVD wishlist.

To be honest I enjoyed a good portion of the movie. David Hyde Pierce was excellent, the tension built relatively well, and the cinematography was great.  I am pleased to say there is an aspect of the movie that I did not initially catch on the preview, now watching it again they hint at it a little.  I have a thing about giving the whole story away in the preview.  It was a good aspect to keep hidden, you thought you were going to see one type of move and then got another.  But it went somewhere I didn’t want it go after the door bell rang.

This was originally based off of an Australian short.  The director said he thought about it for five years and then they shot the American version in 17 days.  Sometimes that combination is great, but this time I think it didn’t work.

General Spoilers:

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