“5:30… Jazzercise”

Yesterday was my first day back at school. I had my first two classes (Early Western Civilization and Modern American History) and then I had to kill time until my  5pm PE class.  The gap between my History classes and PE classes was unavoidable, I theorize that as the semester wares on I can go home between these classes and get lunch, play with the animals, maybe do some prep for dinner; but as the parking situation was highly competitive there is no way I am giving up the parking space that took me 50 minutes of waiting to get.

I did right about 800 words of creative writing while I chilled out in the library.  It was for a short story, not the novel.

Having day classes is interesting, there were so many people there that it felt claustrophobic even in the quad.  I am use to night school where there is a max of 50 people walking around the school at any given time.  My PE classes will be interesting I have Dance Aerobics (or as I say with a Jim Carrey’s Grinch Voice: Jazzercise) from 5pm to 5:50pm, then I walk up a staircase to Aerobic Fitness/ Weight Training from 6pm to 7:15pm.  Do you think I am going to be tired those days?  I think so.  I also have to log an extra day of workout for the Aerobic Fitness class, so it looks like I now have a scholastic reason to keep walking with Birdie.  I hope to loose another 20 lbs by the end of the semester if I keep dropping and I can ask for smaller clothes for Christmas.

As for the History classes, one teacher I have a feeling will be one of those perky yet demonic teachers and the other, well he reminds me of a teacher I had in high school.  He spent the first class calling off role and asking people to say something about themselves.  For some he would say a little something, for some he would ask questions (like what they want to use their degree for), and others (the 16 football players) he eloquently let them all know he was not going to “socially promote” them.  I had a few things I could have said but in the end I just said I like to cook, take photos, and work on my yard.  He said those are all therapeutic things, so I got off easy.  It was probably because I would make direct eye contact with him and not shy away like I saw a few others doing.

I’m sure I’ll have more stories tomorrow.  Hopefully it will only take 40 minutes for parking.


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