Mysteries Solved

One of the books I picked up from the library is called The Feast of Love.  I enjoyed reading it, the writing wasn’t too heavy and the characters took turns narrating chapters so you got to see different perspectives on the events that transpired.  Well, after I reached the half way mark some things started sounding familiar.  Silly things.  Like that the Physic told the girl to go pick up two hamburgers for her boyfriend, and the description of a shirt that one character wore.  I have a pretty good memory for the books that I have read but I couldn’t remember ever reading this.  It was unsettling.  Honey thought maybe I read some of it in a creative writing class, which was possible but the things I remembered were chapters apart.  I read on and realized I knew what the climax of the book was going to be, I read on and enjoyed it though it was kind-of creepy anticipating the end.

Once I finished it I googled it, I habit I know do upon completing any book.  The first thing that pops up on the search is an imdb page. Hmmm, I said to myself.  I clicked on it and it was a movie made a few years ago with Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear.  I realized when I watched the trailer I had seen part of it. Probabyl a year or two ago it had been one of those lazy afternoons when you turn on the tv and HBO has a film going that is already half way through but you watch it anyway…  It can’t be all bad because it has Morgan Freeman in it.  I must have not like it very much if it didn’t get saved in my memory banks.  But that explains why I knew certain things while other plot point were being introduced to me for the first time.  Thank goodness I thought I was going crazy, well crazier.

The second mysteries’ solution involves that wrong number from early Sunday morning, the one that was from San Francisco.  I got a text message this afternoon from that number

What up (side note: Probably 1% of my friends would text that to me)

Me: Who is this?

Henry.  This is Ashley right?

Me: Sorry, wrong number

My bad

a few minutes later…

Hey if this the wrong number. why does my phone automatically link this with ur Ashley’s Facebook? (exact message)

Me: She probably made a typo

a few minutes later….

So who is this?

Me:Not Ashley

So, great my cell number is listed on this girl Ashley’s facebook page, hopefully dear Henry will tell her and I won’t get any drunk dials this weekend.  There -mysteries solved.


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